How to treat termites? Can we do termite treatment ourselves?

Be it any pest you may find at home. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, rats, or anything else. The first question is always about how you can get rid of them. Your mind starts ticking to find ways to repel them. Or kill them. When it comes to termites too, we want to know about DIY (Do It Yourself) options, even if that’s not the right way out. Today, we’ll guide you on how to treat termites yourself. But first, how do you know there’s a termite issue?

Symptoms of termites

1) Papery or hollow timber

Knock on the wood panes or door and window frames in your home. Do they look papery and sound hollow? If yes, the inside of your wooden has been eaten up by termites.

2) Hard to open doors and windows

While eating and tunnelling through the frames of your doors and windows, termites produce moisture. This causes your wood to warp, making it tough to move doors and windows.

3) Termite droppings

Also known as frass, this is one of your biggest symptoms of termites. Some species of termites leave their droppings at the start of the tunnels in a mound. Other species use their feces to make their tunnels. If you see this powdery substance, you should know you have termites at home!

Now, how to treat termite problems at home?

Since you know the basic symptoms of termites at home, the next step is finding how to get rid of them. We’ve put together a few DIY tips for you to use, to keep your wooden furniture safe at home. Follow the steps and you can reduce the number of termites at home. See more:

1) Vinegar

There are probably very few homes in India that don’t use vinegar. Apart from cooking and cleaning, we know have termite-riddance as another usage of vinegar. Just prepare a mixture of half a cup of it with the juice from two lemons. Now, put the solution in a spray can or bottle and you have a new termite killer. Spray the acidic treatment in suspected areas and termites will die upon contact.

2) Orange oil

We mentioned lemons above. The d-limonene in oranges too, is fatal for termites. This orange oil can be derived from orange peels, but it will be too much of a task to extract. Hence, it’s better to buy orange oil from a nearby home improvement depot. You can spray the oil directly on termites or at the suspected colonies.

3) Cardboard. Wet Cardboard.

We’ve tried to give the James Bond effect above here (hope you got it!). Anyway, this is an effective method as termites love cellulose. All you have to do is place a wet cardboard in the middle of your home. It’s bound to attract termites and then, all you have to do it pick it up. And throw it out. All the nearby termites are now on the cardboard, which in turn is out of your house!

4) Pest control

While the earlier points deal with home remedies that may bring just temporary relief, it’s always best to choose professional help when it comes to termites. There are plenty of options available to you, but always choose with high care. Choose HiCare! We love protecting your homes as much as we love getting rid of pests, all over the country. HiCare’s termite control package comes with warranties equivalent to the service package selected. This keeps the HiCare technicians sincere with their work and you confident of their work. If you have termite issues, book a treatment right away with HiCare. Call on 8828333888!

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