Monsoon and Mosquitoes are believed to have a deadly affair! Yes, trust us on this. As the monsoon sets in with all its glory, mosquitoes also simultaneously gear up with their gang to attack your home probably leading to mosquito infestation. They take all efforts to make your life miserable followed by their hiding places; they are very good at hiding. So, when you track one or two mosquitoes somehow, the rest of them always seem to be waiting in some other corner.

Hence, on a broader aspect you should look for a larger infestation of mosquitoes, not the ones outside your home, but those inside as well. In this rainy weather, mosquitoes are much worse inside our home, trying to make every corner their resting place and in turn attacking us when they are hungry. Sounds scary, isn't it? So, as a step towards fighting your battle against mosquitoes, you need to start tracking them and look for all signs of mosquito infestation in and around your house.

But then, how to track mosquitoes and know any sign of mosquito infestation?

If there is standing water in your surrounding then you are sure to have an encounter with mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes ideally lay their eggs in water for them to survive.

Humid weather with high temperature makes favourable condition for mosquitoes to hang around.

Annoying buzzing sounds of mosquitoes.

Dim and shady areas are the places where you can spot these mosquitoes. So, take care when you plan to take a walk in the woods next time, you might be inviting those blood suckers to your home on your way back!

Irritating bites with inflammation and swelling. Only female mosquitoes bite, males feed on other sweet things.

Standing water, water plants and water bowls are a major attraction for adult mosquitoes where they prefer to lay their eggs.

You find yourself scratching yourself in the middle of the night.

Mosquitoes usually come out at night, but when your home is mosquito infested, you might see them lingering in the evening too.

You find them hovering over your food, fruits etc. anywhere in the kitchen.

You will be surprised to know that some species of mosquitoes lay their eggs in moist soil and hatch whenever the soil is flooded with water.

A female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs at a time! Imagine how the mosquito infestation can spread and get out of control if not prevented and taken care of on time.

If you notice any sign of mosquito infestation inside your home then :

It's an indication that there might be a leakage or crack somewhere Check places like basement, kitchen and bathrooms for any leakages in pipes etc. and excessive moisture because mosquitoes do not require a pool to spawn. A small leakage or moisture is just more than enough for them!

So, Beware!

Mosquito infestation can turn out to be a really serious matter when mosquito-borne diseases start spreading with that one tiny and deadly bite!

Your next step, you ask?

  • Eradicate their breeding sites
  • Seal the leakages
  • Maintain cleanliness in your home
  • Eliminate their entry points
  • Call the experts at battling these monsters, Hicare!

Hicare helps you in eliminating mosquitoes from your house by using the EPK method to safeguard your home from deadly mosquitoes. EPK method is :

  • Exclusion of all breeding sources
  • Prevention of larva formation
  • Killing of adult mosquitoes
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