How To Prevent Mosquitoes From Entering Home

Mosquitoes are not only pesky insects, they can carry potential viruses. Fungi that is dangerous to humans. Here are some tips to avoid mosquitoes.

– Why should one not rely on highly marketed DIY mosquito pest control products and choose mosquito pest control services instead?
– DIY chemicals can cause more harm than good

Instructions for creating homemade mixtures to regulate pests are easy to seek out online and in social media, and it’s tempting to form your house remedy when the flying pests invade. Doing so could seem sort of a natural, organic, and non-chemical solution, but did you recognize that what you’re mixing is taken into account as a pesticide?

A pesticide is any mixture formed to kill, destroy, repel, or mitigate a pest. While ingredients in home remedies are items we’d eat or use within the kitchen, the mixture of them isn’t tested for efficacy, health, or safety, so their impacts are unknown.

Because of this, homemade pesticides have the potential to:

  • harm human health
  • damage plants
  • be toxic to pets
  • pollute the environment
– By DIY you only eliminate visible pests

The key to effective pest control is proper identification. Applicable treatment depends on how far the infestation has spread, the size of the home, climate, the amount of breeding grounds in the space and numerous other factors. The mosquitoes visible to your naked eye may be killed by your DIY home remedy or that spray you bought from the market but do you know where they may have laid millions of eggs and are slyly breeding in your space?

If your answer is no, we recommend calling professional mosquito pest control services who are trained professionals that know the possible spots and places in your house where they may be resting while you’re busy killing the ones that are visible to your eyes.

– You don’t exactly know the breeding spots of mosquitoes the way professionals do

Mosquitoes are a perpetual hazard for homeowners. But by keeping a watchful eye on the standing water around you, you can prevent damage and avoid threats to health and safety. Be especially mindful of unusual places where mosquitoes can nest and breed—for instance, under the fridge, near your house plants, in the sink where water is accumulated or below the sink or spaces with moisture inside false ceilings.

– Professional Mosquito Pest Control Services give you a long term solution

If you look for Mosquito Control Services near me, you will be presented with various options. If you end up choosing the right one, which is HiCare, you will see the effect of getting expert mosquito control services near me done correctly. With an efficacy of more than 90 days, and a money-back guarantee on the service for one whole month, you can be assured that your family is safe from mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya and so on.

– Mosquito Pest Control Services let you keep your windows open any time of the day that you want

Are you tired of looking at the clock every single day and figuring out prime time for mosquitoes to be in attack mode and closing all your doors and windows shut?

We know that trouble you go through to keep them out, not just for the diseases they cause but also the incessant buzzing and sleep disturbance they cause. With services that are particularly made as a solution to this problem, you can stay worry-free for real.

As one of India’s most experienced pest control providers, HiCare had set out on a mission to revolutionize the Mosquito Pest Control industry by studying mosquito behaviour and inventing an ingenious three-step solution that could ensure your freedom to keep windows open at all times and enjoy the weather outside.

Smart Air– We invented an automated wall dispenser that has been set at optimised spray duration after much research and deliberation, an odourless formulation for all those peculiar customers who can’t tolerate smells and 4x lesser chemicals to keep your family safe. After testing the dispenser in highly mosquito-infested areas of Mumbai, we formulated this product that works against the flying bloodsuckers even with windows open, like magic.

Smart Walls– Our well-trained, knowledgeable and dedicated team has tested and invented a long-standing encapsulated wall spray treatment which retains on indoor walls for approximately 3 months after it is first sprayed on. The formulation has proven its worth after being successful as a mosquito solution in the highly infested rural areas of Tamil Nadu by scientists of the National Institute of Malaria research.

Smart Water– We use WHO-approved chemicals as anti-larval breeding sites treatment to reach the mosquitoes where they most thrive and give you the ultimate freedom to keep windows open 24×7 as per your convenience.

Don’t wait any longer. Block their entries and save the trouble of searching for mosquito control services near me by simply choosing HiCare 3X Mosquito Control service now!

How To Prevent Mosquitoes From Entering Home

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