How To Keep Pigeons Away From Solar Panels

In the industrial age, solar panels have proven to be quite a boon in producing efficient energy. Many of the new Co-operative Housing Societies are installing solar panels in a bid to save money spent on electricity consumption.

In the industrial age, solar panels have proven to be quite a boon in producing efficient energy. Many of the new Co-operative Housing Societies are installing solar panels in a bid to save money spent on electricity consumption. Also, solar energy is a renewable source of energy that has numerous benefits.

Benefits of using solar energy

  1. Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy since it is created from the sun. Hence it is available in abundance unlike other sources of energy.
  2. Using solar energy will help you in reducing your electricity bills by a margin.
  3. The energy generated from solar panels has diverse applications. They can be used in villages where there is no electricity.
  4. Apart from the initial cost of buying the solar system, its maintenance cost is fairly low. Also, some solar companies offer a warranty for 20 to 25 years that resolves a lot of issues.
  5. Solar energy is eco-friendly. It does not cause any kind of pollution that helps in preserving the environment.


In layman’s terms, solar panels produce electricity by absorbing sunlight and they are installed in such a way that the frames of the solar panels are attached to a platform which is rested on the ground. The gap between the pole mounts of the panel and the ground makes a perfect roosting spot for the pigeons and their young ones. The top of the solar panels offers shade from the sun and protection from predators while the overlapping panels and corners offer easy access to the outside world.

Tips to Keep Pigeons away from Solar Panels

A bird nest up to some extent is tolerable but with a lot of pigeons comes a huge amount of bird faeces and their waste products. The pigeons under the solar array could lead to an increased cost of maintenance and costly repairs to the solar panels. The droppings of the pigeons are highly corrosive and acidic in nature damaging the glass panels and even the wiring of the solar panel.


Considering the above-mentioned scenarios, it becomes important to take proper measures against them. If not taken on time, you might have to face more harm. So to avoid any such negative consequences, here are some of the ways you can protect your solar panels from pigeons:


  1. Using Bird Spikes – It is one of the most effective ways to keep the pigeons on solar panels away. However, the spikes should be bought from professional companies or else they might get rusted.
  2. Using Fake Birds – Birds like pigeons are scared of birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, etc. So putting statues of this bird near your solar panel will help you to keep them at a distance.
  3. Cleaning Solar Panels – Keeping your solar panels clean is the most effective way to repel birds from building nests under your solar panels. Buying a cleaning kit, especially for solar panels is advisable because you will get the necessary chemicals to clean those panels.
  4. Install Mesh – This will stop the birds from entering vacant spaces near your solar panels. It will cover the area in such a way that the birds won’t be able to create nests and ruin the entire place.


On the other hand, when it comes to restricting their entry into your home, installing pigeon netting for balconies is the best and most eco-friendly way to get rid of pigeons. The nets should be ideally mounted when the solar panels are first installed to ensure that the birds are kept at bay from the start. To safeguard your solar power investments and to make sure you don’t spend a fortune every now and then on maintenance it’s only wise to appoint the top bird control management in the industry.

HiCare Bird Netting Services

If you have decided to go for a bird netting service, it is better to go ahead with a trustable brand. HiCare provides the best bird netting services for both commercial and residential spaces. Our technique guarantees total protection from pigeons. It is effective in repelling birds without harming them.

Key Features of our services

  • The polythene we use is of high density. They are highly durable and UV resistant.
  • You will get a 3 years warranty with our service. If there is any complaint, we will resolve it totally free of cost.
  • Our bird netting will not spoil your beautiful balcony by any means since they are almost invisible.
  • You will get two colour options to choose for of the net – Black & White
  • The metal framework is made of non-rusting stainless steel that fits perfectly in any space and is of utmost durability.
  • The pigeon netting does not contain any harmful chemical or sharp edge that makes it completely safe for you, your family as well as the bird. 

Over the years, HiCare has become a one-stop destination for all your hygiene solutions. We have served 1 million happy clients in over 30 Indian cities. We have a team that consists of more than 500 verified experts. If you want a consultation about bird netting, do give us a call at 8828333888. Our team will supervise your place and share their feedback. To book our services or know the pest control prices for various types of services, visit our official website

How To Keep Pigeons Away From Solar Panels

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