How To Keep Pigeons Away From Solar Panels

Tips to Keep Pigeons away from Solar Panels

In the industrial age, solar panels have proven to be quite a boon for efficient energy sources. Many of the new Co-operative Housing Societies are installing solar panels in a bid to save money spent on the electricity consumptions.

In layman's terms, solar panels produce electricity by absorbing sunlight and they are installed in such a way that the frames of the solar panels are attached to a platform which is rested on the ground. The gap between the pole mounts of the panel and the ground make a perfect roosting spot for the pigeons and their young ones. The top of the solar panels offers shade from the sun and protection from predators while the overlapping panels and corners offer easy access to the outside world.

A bird nest up to some extent is tolerable but with a lot of pigeons come to a huge amount of bird faeces and their waste products. The pigeons under the solar array could lead to an increased cost of the maintenance and costly repairs of the solar panels. The droppings of the pigeons are highly corrosive and acidic in nature damaging the glass panels and even the wiring of the solar panel.

Comparatively inexpensive, installing bird nets is the best and an eco-friendly way to get rid of pigeons and to keep the annoying birds away. The nets should be ideally mounted when the solar panels are first installed to ensure that the birds are kept at bay from the start. To safeguard your solar power investments and to make sure you don't spend a fortune every now and then on the maintenance it's only wise to appoint the top bird control management in the industry.

With assistance from Hicare, you can put all your bird control related worries away. The bird netting comes in various shapes and sizes with a variety of net gauging available. Our Technicians will make sure that the nettings installed on the roof offer complete protection from the birds. The nets used are UV resistant, heavy duty polyethene nets for a long-lasting impact. Let our professional installers after precise calculation of the netting required around the solar panel and the roof, put forth a plan. Visit our page on bird control service ( or call us on 080-46809272 to get a customized quote now.