How to Control Mosquitoes Inside and Outside Home?

One of the most irritating and most commonly found pests inside and outside the home is a mosquito. Be it Aedes, Anopheles, or any other mosquito, each mosquito has the power to annoy you with a single bite. Dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and yellow fever are all viral infections transmitted by mosquito bites.

So, what is the best way to control mosquitoes inside and outside the home? Do not worry, as we are here to solve all your concerns about how to control mosquitoes naturally and by using different mosquito control products.

Continue reading to learn how to control mosquitoes indoors and outdoors using safest methods.

3 Effective Methods for Controlling Mosquitoes

Worldwide people use the following three methods of mosquito control to keep these flying pests away:

  1. Source Reduction: Removing all the old tires, pots, and containers to minimize the chances of stagnant water that acts as mosquito breeding grounds
  2. Chemical Control: Using safe and eco-friendly chemicals to kill the mosquitoes through techniques like fogging and spraying
  3. Environmental Control: Eliminating breeding possibilities by snatching the environment favorable for mosquitoes to breed

4 Best Way to Control Mosquitoes in House

East or west home is the best, but not anymore if you are troubled by mosquitoes. So, listed below are some of the best ways for home mosquito control:

1. Use Mosquito Killer Rackets

The most popular mosquito product found in almost every house these days to hit the mosquitoes is a mosquito racket. It is a rechargeable device that appears like a badminton racket. Quite efficient in killing the mosquitoes with just one touch.  

The unique shape of the mosquito racket makes it easy to hit the mosquitoes there and then. All you need is to keep it charged for the best results. This device may need a battery replacement after a certain number of shots. 

2. Install AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser

What if you hate killing every mosquito yourself with the above-mentioned method of using a mosquito killer racket? Try installing AutoMos automatic mosquito repellent dispenser and stay worry-free for 90 days with just 1 refill.  

Launched by HiCare, AutoMos is India’s 1st mosquito repellent dispenser with an automated system. Unlike the common mosquito control sprays, AutoMos works on 2 1.5V AA batteries and allows you to set a frequency and operation mode. With AutoMos installed in your home, you can keep your windows open 24x7 without fearing mosquitoes. 

3. Place Mosquito Repellent Indoor Plants

One of the natural ways to keep mosquitoes away indoors is by placing some mosquito repellent indoor plants. Remember, these plants don’t repel the mosquitoes, but the smell of the oil present in their leaves or flowers repels mosquitoes. 

Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Basil, Citronella, and Marigold are some of the mosquito-repellent plants that you must place indoors. They emit smells that mosquitoes resist and therefore try to keep away from such places. 

4. Book Mosquito Control Services

If neither the mosquito racket nor any mosquito control spray works for you, we suggest you consider a mosquito pest control service. All experienced pest control companies like HiCare offer perfect mosquito pest control treatments. 

The professionals will first detect the mosquito breeding grounds and other issues that are leading to mosquitoes in your home. They will then suggest you the best and most effective mosquito control treatments like 3X Mosquito Control Treatment introduced by HiCare.

4 Best Ways of Outdoor Mosquito Control

Now that you have learned about how to control mosquitoes at home, it is time to understand how to repel the same creatures outdoors.

1. Use Mosquito Repellent Roll-Ons

Be it a child, or an adult, the best way to stay protected against all types of mosquitoes when going outdoors is by using a good mosquito repellent roll-on. 

Easy to apply and quite handy, these mosquito roll-ons are made of 100% natural ingredients like eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass, and peppermint oil. The idea used to formulate these roll-ons is to spread an aroma around you that mosquitoes hate.  

2. Use Mosquito Repellent Patches

Quite similar to a mosquito repellent roll-on is a mosquito repellent patch. Introduced to protect infants and small children outdoors, especially in parks, these patches appeal to the kids and protect them too from mosquito bites.  

The beautiful prints and designs of these mosquito repellent patches make them the favorite thing for the kids. They will never say no to these patches when stepping outside and this solves the purpose of giving them perfect protection against mosquitoes. 

3. Wear Full Sleeve Shirts and Full-Length Pants

You can minimize the chances of mosquito bites naturally by wearing full-length clothes. Try covering as much area of your body as possible so that the mosquitoes find it hard to bite you anywhere.  

Try wearing full sleeve shirts and full-length pants, especially during those particular hours of the day, when mosquitoes are most active like early morning and evening time. 

4. Remove Stagnant Water Outdoors

Another effective way to control the mosquitoes outdoors is by destroying their breeding grounds. Mosquitoes tend to breed openly in stagnant water. So, pick the idea from here to not allow water to stand by anywhere outside your home. 

In case you are not able to prevent that stagnant water, try to spray some insecticides approved by the Pest Control of India and destroy the larvae breeding in those waters. 

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you can not completely get rid of mosquitoes forever, be it inside or outside. All you can do is try the above-mentioned tips from time to time to control mosquitoes for some time. If nothing works for you, do not hesitate to book a mosquito pest control service from the pioneers like HiCare.