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Not only in India but they shook anyone with terror across the globe. That’s why millions of homeowners look for the best Anti Termite Treatment. However, subscribing to the best pest control services for termites is not enough. You often need to be aware of other essential aspects of termites and their infestation, especially the swarm season and the number of times they swarm during a year. For the unversed, termite swarms indicate that a current colony is flourishing nearby, thus, it is necessary to be aware of this season.

With that being said, this detailed write-up has been curated to shed some light on the same. If you know the termite swarming season, you can schedule a Termite Pest Control accordingly, which can deliver effective results. So before you head to Google and search – pest control near me for termites, it’s better to know the ideal timing to get rid of them permanently.

When do termites swarm?

The term “termite swarm” refers to the phenomenon within a termite colony. Termites swarm after their original colony grows to capacity. This usually happens once a year. Termites swarm as the weather begins to warm during the start of spring or summer. Each spring, reproductive termites leave the warmth and darkness of their nest and come out into the open air in order to mate. These colonies of termites typically don’t produce a swarm until they have been established for at least 3 years.

Thus, each spring, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any signs that termites might have taken up residence in or near your home or property. The signs include “winged ant” sightings, termite swarms, mud tunnels on the lower portion of your home, garage foundation or fencing, and individual or piles of wings that reproductive termites have shed before mating.

Now, the next possible question you might ask could be – do swarming termites cause an infestation? Well, technically no. However, your home is prone to a termite infestation unless you have hired professional pest control for termites. The only purpose of termite swarming is to reproduce and establish a new colony and not to cause any damage.

Thus, the swarm itself will not damage your home, garage, deck, or fence as it is a termite swarm is simply a part of the termite life cycle. Each termite colony has a queen that lays many thousands of eggs. Later, these eggs hatch into nymphs, which are tiny, and pale larvae. These nymphs shed their exoskeletons several times until they finally mature into one of four different types of adult termites: workers, soldiers, and primary and supplementary reproductives.

Though several hundred swarmers are produced by each colony only a small percentage of these can survive to start the new colony. So, if you notice a termite swarming at your home or nearby area, it is advised to get pest control services for termites.

Although the start and finish of a termite swarm can vary depending on weather patterns and other local conditions, it generally lasts for a couple of weeks.

How to prevent termites infestation?

Though getting rid of termites is a job best left to the professionals, some things you can do around your home to help prevent termites are as follows:

  • Eliminate decayed lumber and firewood and move wood products away from your foundations.
  • Minimize moisture in crawl spaces.
  • Fix leaky faucets and pipes.
  • Place sprinklers to spray away from foundations.

As stated above, the best way to keep them at bay is to opt for professional pest control for termites. Now, Googling Anti Termite Treatment near me would not be sufficient. Unless your hygiene partner is HiCare, you may have a hard time dealing with these irritating and damaging pests. While the internet-approved list to your query pest control near me for termites is only a vague method, HiCare’s professional experts have much more to offer you in the case of termite infestation.

HiCare’s pest control for termites is an integrated pest management method that is designed for the convenience of our customers and their family members while making sure to give effective results. Some of the key features of our Termite Control and Anti Termite Treatment Services in India are:

  • It is warranty-backed.
  • A thorough inspection of the premises with customer consultation.
  • A three-step service followed by an audit visit.
  • Gives visible results in 21 days.
  • Various plans according to the need and severity of the infestation.

Not only these, but we also provide an additional discount of 5% for online payment to promote contact-less delivery. The problem of a termite infestation could be quite common in India, but leaving it untreated has the potential to cause a huge financial loss or fatal health hazard. Book a service with HiCare and save your property and the health of your family with just one click.

How Many Times a Year Do Termites Swarm? | HiCare

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