How do professional pest control exterminators kills bedbugs?

how do professional pest control exterminators kills bed bugs

You’ll find far too many articles on the internet regarding DIY methods for getting rid of insects. For bed bugs too, you can find hundreds of home remedies, but none work as well as professional pest control exterminators. Bed bugs are such parasites that are as tiny as a millimetre and they grow up to the maximum size of an apple seed. This size makes it difficult for us to know whether we’ve got rid of them or not. At the same time, they can go for as long as 5 months without a blood meal. So, there you are thinking you aren’t being attacked, so there aren’t bed bugs. Once you’ve suspected them, please, please, please call professional pest control exterminators.

How professional pest control exterminators kills bedbugs?

You’re probably wondering why we’re saying to get help when it comes to bed bugs. Firstly, professional know the best chemicals to be used that will kill bed bugs. Secondly, the best pest control brands won’t leave a single bed bug behind. Doing that is almost impossible when it comes to home remedies. Professional pest control exterminators like HiCare use only the highest quality, Government-approved chemicals. This also makes it safe to use these chemicals around children, pets and other family members. They possess the skills and knowledge to execute this task, that the common man generally wouldn’t possess.

Steps followed by HiCare

Like most of their pest control services, HiCare follows a multi-step service for bed bugs. See below:

  1. Thorough Inspection

    Professional pest control exterminators should always survey and inspect before acting. Similarly, the HiCare technicians check for suspected infestations before acting on them.

  2. Injection of chemicals

    This is the main part of the pest control service. Here, we spray a mild odour pesticide in your bedroom/hall or any other room that has the infestation. Again, the chemicals we use are all government-approved and possess no health threats to family members. However, it’s best if family members stay away for a while after the pesticides are applied.

  3. Come back again!

    Bed bug eggs can’t be killed as they are immune to our pesticides. Hence, we have to return after 15-20 days for a second round of pesticides to kill the newly hatched bed bugs.

  4. Providing you a warranty

    A sign of the best professional pest control exterminators is that they can provide you with warranties. It’s a sign of how confident they are of their pest control services. As for HiCare, the warranty depends on your bed bug service. A 45-day service comes with 45 days of warranty while our 90-day services comes with a warranty of 90 days. However, we also give you the option of selecting a yearlong assurance at minimal costs. This ensures you have your house protected from bed bugs throughout the year.

  5. Best value for money

    HiCare provides you bed bugs control service at a starting price of INR 3,690 which is very competitive in the Indian market. These rates are inclusive of all taxes. What’s better is that we offer you an additional 10% discount if you go green and make an online payment for your bed bug service. So, if anyone asks you how professional pest control exterminators kills bedbugs, you will now have the answer. Also, if you ever face a bed bug issue yourself, you will know who to contact.

HiCare is India’s number one pest control and home hygiene company, with lakhs of satisfied customers across the country. A simple call to 8828333888 can get you on your way to having a bedbug-free home!

How do professional pest control exterminators kills bedbugs?

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