HiCare's Cockroach Prevention Guide

Talk to your elderly relatives or your old neighbours or anyone else who has had a few decades of experience of running a household in India. They will all be able to give you some really good tips on how to keep cockroaches away. Although at some point of time in their lives, they would've been unaware too.

Cockroach Prevention Guide

Those tips from them are gold dust. However, cockroach prevention tips from a pest control company could be one notch better for you. HiCare is one of India's most trustworthy and reliable pest control brands and if there's one thing we consider ourselves good at, it's maintaining a clean and hygienic home. Keep reading for our expert cockroach prevention tips...

1) Keep your gardens trimmed and tidy

Before bothering yourself indoors, make sure the exteriors are hygienic. Unkempt grass and gardens often provide resting places for mosquitoes and cockroaches and other insects. Make sure your grass doesn't grow out too tall. The chances of roaches hiding here and waiting to find shelter indoors will be less.

2) Sealing entry points

This point is one you could use for almost all types of insects. If I don't have a passport, I can't fly to the USA. Similarly, if there's no bridge to my home, cockroaches can't enter. Seal up any holes or breaks in door and window frames, tiles, walls, flooring, etc. Also, get a plumber to ensure pipes and drainage systems are in check.

3) Eliminate all signs of food

This doesn't mean you keep your kitchens and your stomachs empty and die starving. It means to discard all leftovers and food crumbs once done with meals. Cockroaches are scavengers and the primary reasons they enter homes are food and shelter. Any sensible guide to cockroach prevention will always tell you to maintain high levels of hygiene in the kitchen. Make sure cabinets don't have food crumbs. Vacuum your floors for any grains or bits of food that may have fallen. Avoid leaving dishes in the sink overnight and of course, store good food away in sealed containers.

4) Remove clutter at home

They say cleanliness is next to godliness and we can never argue with that phrase. Try reducing clutter like discarding unwanted cardboard boxes or piles of old newspapers and see the difference. These are generally great hiding spots for cockroaches.

5) Cut out water sources

While cockroaches can go without food for a month, they can barely go a week without water. Take advantage of this and make sure you leave no water lying around. Stop up kitchen sinks and other drainage outlets before sleeping each night. Use paper towels to dry up bathtubs, sinks and other wet areas at home. Make sure all leaky pipes and faucets are fixed and keep everything as dry as possible. Even wet toothbrushes should be dried or kept away in plastic containers for the nights.

6) HiCare's cockroach control service

When all else fails, there's always HiCare. Available across the country, HiCare provides solutions for all your pest problems, and at very pocket-friendly rates. We always use a multi-step process and that's how we achieve our 100% success rate in eradicating pests across India. For roaches, the government-approved Bayer Gel is applied in closed cabinet areas, under tables, hinges, drawers and other strategic locations. In open areas, an odourless spray is used, all safe to human and pets alike. We recently introduced this Advanced Cockroach Management service which is the first in India and it all comes at a starting price of INR 5,175 for three services spread across a year. Call 8828333888 and get eliminating cockroaches now!