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Mosquitoes are responsible for millions of malaria cases each year. Here are some helpful tips you can follow to protect yourself from any type of mosquito bite.

Mosquitos are considered to be one of the most dangerous insects around the world. These pesky pests are responsible for millions of malaria cases each year across the world. To curb them, mosquito pest control services or professional mosquito control is the best method.

However, it is also important to note that Malaria is a common and well known disease that they spread but there are a host of other diseases also that are spread by the mosquitos.

These include:

– West Nile
– Zika Virus
– Chikungunya
– Yellow Fever
– Filariasis
– Tularemia
– Dengue, etc.

Dengue and Malaria are the most common ones in India. Though these pests are minuscule in nature, they do have a tendency to suck your blood and breed on your property and space. This causes rashes and itchiness to a point where you have to consult a doctor. To avoid these mosquitos, here are some tips that you can consider.

  1. Protect your babies
  2. To protect your babies and children, consider covering them in clothing that covers their arms and legs completely. Covering strollers and baby carriers with mosquito netting can also add a layer of extra protection. If you are willing to use a mosquito repellent on your child, do read the instructions properly to avoid any kind of reaction to the body.

  3. Wearing fully covered clothes
  4. Wearing long sleeved tops, shirts and t-shirts with fully covered pants can help you avoid mosquito bites. But thinking about this, it is practically impossible to always wear a long sleeved shirt and a fully covered pant. Especially, if you live in a dry and humid area, it becomes even more difficult.

  5. Keep your clothes loose
  6. Keeping your clothes loose serves two purposes:

    – It makes you feel much more comfortable as you are not covered in skin tight clothes anymore. You have better breathing space.
    – Plus, if the fabric is thin, the mosquitos can bite through the clothing.

  7. Controlling them indoors

    If you see any holes on the screens or windows, you can try and get it repaired immediately. But the best way to curb them inside is to avail mosquito pest control services or getting professional mosquito control done at your place. This will not only reduce the numbers, but literally wipe them out for good.

  8. Controlling them outdoors

    Don’t keep any stale water. Once in a week, empty the old flower pot, the rain gutter and throw out the items that might hold water. These items may include tires, buckets etc. You can even control them in a much better way with mosquito netting or simply availing mosquito pest control services.

  9. Mosquito bites while sleeping
  10. Sleeping with an air conditioner on with a mosquito net in place can also help curb them to a certain extent. The mosquito net has big enough holes for the breeze to simply pass through. This way you won’t even be suffocated and keep the mosquitos and other insects from biting you and your family members out. But just make sure that you sleep without touching the sides of the net- mosquitoes can actually bite you through the netting if it’s tight against your skin.

  11. Using a mosquito repellent
  12. Apply the best mosquito repellent available in the market for you. Follow the instructions given on the back of the packaging to avoid any reactions. Do not apply the product on an irritated skin or on a sunburnt patch. If the repellent goes to the eyes and it gets itchy, rinse it off with some water. Apply the repellent again after washing it because the product would have been worn off.

How can HiCare help you?

As stated, the best way to avoid and curb the mosquitos situation is via availing professional mosquito control. HiCare is a leading digital hygiene and pest control company that has served over 10 lakh houses and 30 lakh families. We have also served over 300 corporations and office spaces.

Our 3X Mosquito Control ensures 3X more protection for your family. We don’t use any foul chemicals, our chemicals are safe for pets, elderly and children. Plus, they are also odourless.

Get rid of mosquitoes with India’s 1st ever 3X mosquito control treatment

  • Keep your windows open 24×7
  • 4X times less chemical release
  • Stay mosquito free for 90 days with just one service
  • 30 days money back guarantee*
  • Here are the service details:

  • 1X – Smart Air: Automatic wall dispenser to repel flying mosquitoes
  • 2X – Smart Walls: Encapsulated wall spray treatment to kill hiding and resting mosquitoes
  • 3X – Smart Water: Anti-larval treatment to kill mosquito eggs and prevent breeding
  • Our hygiene experts will guide you about necessary service precautions
    No. of services for AMC – 4

    You can now book with us on HiCare website or call us at 8828333888 to schedule an appointment.

    Helpful tips to protect yourself from mosquito bites | HiCare

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