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Do you truly require pest control in winter? Yes. Winter mosquitoes control is important for ensuring that there are no mosquitoes breeding or hiding in home corners in winter.

India, due to its location on the globe, has a moderate climate all around the year. The northern part of India, thanks to being landlocked and being at a higher altitude, experiences harsh winters where temperatures even go below 0 degrees Celsius in some parts. Other than that, most other states across the country experience moderately cold temperatures in winter.

This year though, it is predicted that India may witness the coldest winters ever . The La Nina emerging in the Pacific ocean has changed up the weather of India and shall bring about frigid temperatures. Now that you know about the harshness of the conditions, let us break a common misconception.

It’s a very common myth that as the weather becomes colder, pests will pack up their belongings and go away until next year when they can return and attack your spaces with infestation with full power.

The truth is that in the winter, crawling insects and other pests that don’t hibernate might find their way into our houses, attracting mice and other rodents in search of warmth. In addition, India’s winter brings its insects and other pests to be aware of.

It also brings the cold gushing winds that make your spaces less hygienic with dust and allergens. The lack of hygiene completes a full circle as it invites pests into your home and offices even more.

Learn how the three most commonly found pests in India (mosquitoes, and cockroaches) deal with cold temperatures and how you can keep your house safe from their invasion during the winter by employing pest control Mumbai, pest control Delhi, pest control Bangalore or pest control anywhere that you want.

Mosquitoes:- They do not just die off during the winter, contrary to popular belief. Many pests have cunning tactics for surviving the winter and emerging once the weather warms up again. Mosquitoes, for example, which can be rather bothersome throughout the summer, really hibernate. When the temperature lowers and the weather becomes chilly, they seek cover in places like hollow logs, warm corners of the room and the females begin hunting for food to begin feeding eggs and building the army for attack during spring.

Cockroaches:- Cockroaches are known for their ability to survive in adverse environments, making winter a breeze for them. They adapt by congregating in warm, damp parts of your home. As a result, you’ll frequently find them in your kitchen and bathroom. As cockroaches seek cover and bunker down for the winter, you may notice an increase in cockroaches.

Now we have understood how pests do not go anywhere to spend the winter. They don’t migrate to favourable places like birds. They just take shelter in whatever places they deem suitable. To be effective, the best pest control services must be ongoing and active at all times.

Remember, invasive pests prefer being indoors during the winter for the same reasons that you do. Even they can’t tolerate the extremely cold temperatures and rely on shelters for warmth. Unfortunately, you can not do anything about this fact. What you can do instead is understand their behaviour patterns and make informed decisions about hiring the best pest control services specialists.

It is important to perform an extensive winter pest control treatment. This will ensure that your home is pest-free and safe all year-round. Optimal pest protection would be to have an annual contract signed with a responsible and trustworthy company that does the best pest control services for you.

When selecting the best pest control service company to help you overcome winter pest troubles, you should exercise extreme caution. Allowing the cheapest provider result when you look for pest control online into your home and letting them do a “thorough pest control” without first comprehending the chemical compositions and their harmful side effects is not a good idea.

Don’t just search for pest control online and rely on them blindly. One wrong choice could be detrimental to your family’s health and happiness. Inquire about the items they use and how they may harm your children, pets, and, in some cases, yourself.

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Do You Really Need Pest Control In Winter? | HiCare

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