Essential Guide To Bed Bugs Removal, Prevention and Treatment

essential guide to bed bugs removal prevention and treatment

It is far easier to detect bedbugs than to get rid of bedbugs. You can pick up bedbugs almost anywhere: offices, restaurant, hotels, cinema houses, malls, buses, trains or taxies.

happy little hitchhikers are adept at travelling: in your clothes luggage, cartons bags or furniture. Hence it is far better to attempt bed bug prevention. How to prevent or get rid bed bugs involves a few steps.

Firstly remove all the clutter from your home, so they can’t hide and spread. Wash and dry your bed-linens in the hottest temperature available (easy for cotton).

Mattresses benefit from hot steam sterilization treatment although excellent hygiene and deep cleaning help, you can pick up bed bugs from the finest hotels. When travelling a “sleep” anagram tells you how to prevent picking up bed bugs.

(1) Survey surfaces for a sign of infestation like little-dried blood-dots.

(2) Look under mattress and bed frames. Elevate your luggage on a luggage rack away from bed or wall. Examine your luggage carefully when you repack and when you return home.

Place all your clothing immediately in the dryer for 15 minutes or more on the highest setting when you return home from a trip.

How to prevent bed bugs infestation a home:

  1. Keep house sparkly-clean and clutter free
  2. Wash and dry your bed linens often on the highest possible temperature setting for the fabric.
  3. Inspect luggage, furniture, beds mattresses frequently.

Bed Bugs on Mattresses

Bed bugs infestation is typically most rife on and in mattresses; in mattress covers and you will even see bed bugs or crawling on the mattress lining and the box spring mattresses/beds. Bed bugs like to live in protected tiny areas, where they can group together and hide. Mattresses, mattresses covers, and cushioned (upholstered) furniture, as well as quilts, comforters, and blankets, may show bed bugs fecal smears (dried excrement of bugs) as well.

Bedbugs also like the seams and under sided of mattresses and mattress and covers: anywhere where the host sends body heat and carbon dioxide signal that a blood meal is nearby. In addition bed bug molts (from bed bugs nymphs) and bed bug eggs are also present on sheets and all these places. Any cracks, crevices, and holes will also attract bed bugs as safe hiding places.

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

It is difficult to get rid of bedbugs but it can be done with truly extreme temperatures and bed bug pesticides. Freezing temperatures can be used to kill bed bugs, put a bug-infested object 3 such as bedding or pillows in a sealed plastic bag and put it in the freezer at zero degrees Fahrenheit. For about 4 days. Extreme heat is used to kill bed bugs. Adult bed bugs die at 119° Fahrenheit, but their head-resistant eggs need temperature upward of 125° Fahrenheit.

Some infested objects can actually be safely baked in these manners, at these temperatures, in the oven, for three to 5 hour, as an effective bed bugs killer. Practicality and safety should be kept uppermost in mind deciding whether to give bed bugs “home treatment” in this manner.

There are also frozen carbon dioxide sprays and” heat distribution system “but these require special equipment and expert monitoring. In a very, very limited sense, homeowners could use extreme temperatures to kill bed bugs but DIY won’t work, especially for very large infested items that are too big (or unsuitable for extreme conditions).

Besides, it doesn’t get rid of bedbugs in cracks or crevices! Not to be confused with bed bugs; dust mites are tiny microscopic spiders that feed on shed dead skin cells. Dust mites bed mattress unlike bed bugs, do not feed on blood and are also not visible to the naked eye.

In fact, bed bug’s size is around 5mm, increasing to about 6-7 mm, when engorged with blood. Any “home bed bug solutions” are impractical, unviable and don’t lose: a few may give temporary relief till your call in the professional bed bug pest control expert.

Bed Bugs Solutions: Is It Safe and Lasting?

India’s leading pest control firm, HiCare can give you a bed bug solution that is hassle-free, safe for family and pets, uses best in class chemicals certified by CIB for a total elimination of the bed bug infestation.

These skilled professionals will locate all hidden bed bugs. They will retreat and inject them with safe bed bug killer chemicals in safe effective doses. You can always get rid of bedbugs through professionals.

A second-round bed bug treatment is done after 15 days to kill the newly-hatched bed bug nymphs (as the eggs can’t be destroyed), the process is safe for pregnant women, kids, and pets.

After service complaints are attended to, without charge in the warranty period. While cooking the order, it is wise to ask for the one year extended warranty.

Essential Guide To Bed Bugs Removal, Prevention and Treatment

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