Don't Let Bed Bugs Hold You Back from Travelling

Summer vacations are nearing. As the schools and colleges close down in summers, people plan to go on a summer vacation. Traveling sometimes can get extremely chaotic, stressful and is definitely expensive. But while you are having a good time don't let bed bugs be an additional problem. To make the most of your travels, always make sure that you are well prepped up to keep bedbugs away. Bed Bugs are pests that feed on human blood. And while they don't pose a serious threat, they can be extremely annoying. Below are few tips on how to keep bedbugs away that will help you in case you are a victim.

4 Effective tips to keep bedbugs away

1) Locate the bed bugs in hotel rooms:

The most important step is to spot the bed bugs in the hotel room before checking in. Usually reddish brown in color, they are flat and up to a couple of millimeters long. All the corners of the rooms must be inspected for a potential bed bugs' presence. Paying a special attention to bed sheets and mattresses. They usually leave rust-colored spots of their shells or fecal matter.

Bedbugs known for their hitchhiking skill can also be transported with your luggage. Hence it is extremely necessary to keep your belongings away from the bed at all times. If you spot any, it's best to relocate to another room or better a different hotel.

2) Check hotel reviews online

Mostly, the popular travel websites will have honest customer reviews about bugs in a hotel you are intending to book and in most cases, you will get a fair idea of their presence. This information could be valuable and save you the hassle later. It is very important to remember that they are not only found in cheap and dirty hotels, they can be present inexpensive places as well.

3) Neem oil keeps to keep bedbugs away

Sprinkling Natural Neem Oil on your travel bags and clothes is an alternate solution to totally prevent bed bugs while traveling. An Environmentally friendly technique, it is very safe for humans and makes sure bed bugs are totally discarded. Neem Oil found in abundance all over the Indian Subcontinent is easily available and will do the trick.

4) Segregate your belongings

If you suspect any Bed Bugs in luggage, it is advisable to take necessary action immediately. Firstly inspect properly all your belongings and separate the infected clothes and items into a plastic bag and seal it. Discard the ones you don't require at all. Treat the infected pile of clothes once you are back from your trip before the bed bugs start infecting your house.

These easy tips will go a long way in answering all your worries on how to prevent bed bugs while traveling as well as reducing the risks of bed bugs in luggage. But we can't always be entirely cautious and eventually, if bed bugs to enter your home, it's best to call a professional Pest Control Service.

Hicare, a professional Pest Control has all the experience when it comes to dealing with bed bugs control and all sorts of other pests. The best way to prevent bed bugs is regular inspection of the signs and if you suspect even a slightest of bed bug marks, it's only wise to contact Hicare and schedule a bed bug inspection immediately. Our skilled professionals are experienced when it comes to finding hidden bed bug spots. And if spotted, chemicals approved by Central Insecticide Board are used for total eradication of the bugs.

So if you're a hotel owner or a traveler just returned from a vacation, if you find the slightest indication of bed bugs, use our online booking form on for appointments or call us on 8828333888 and leave the problem to us.