Diwali cleaning checklist!!!

diwali cleaning checklist

Diwali cleaning checklist: Diwali is around the corner & this festival has lots of preparation to do. So here are some of the checklist which will help you to get all your work done easily.

Diwali is around the corner and this festival of lights has lots of preparation to be done. Weeks before the preparation begins. Lightings, crackers, cleaning, making of sweets, etc. its consists of lots of work so it’s better than if we do proper planning & the most convenient way to sort all the work is by making a checklist. But just checklist is not enough to get all the work done along with that you also need to take the following steps.

3 Necessary Steps of Diwali Cleaning

  1. Proper Planning: you need to do proper planning of all the work which to be covered during the festive season. Most important thing is to prioritize your task so that you tend to complete all the important task soon.
  2. Start Buying Things before Time: we all know how much rush is there in all the market area nearly a week before Diwali. So it’s better if we do a smart work by getting things before few weeks of Diwali so that we can avoid those rush & also don’t waste our time unnecessarily.
  3. Divide the Task: since we have lots of work to be done during Diwali so once person may not be able to handle everything on time. So it’s better if you divide all the task & distribute it among your family members. Doing this will even bring the output on time & the load won’t be just on a single person.

Here are some of the checklist which will help you to get all your work done easily.

Top 3 Diwali Cleaning Check List

  • Bathroom Checklist: list down all the things which are required to be brought up in your bathroom & remove the old & unwanted things from your bathroom to avoid the mess. List down all the things which to be cleaned in your bathroom & as the task is being done just tick mark below it. This technique won’t let you miss out anything.
  • Kitchen Checklist: the kitchen is that place of our house which plays a very important role not only during festivals but also throughout the year. It is a place which is most active during festivals & yes when it comes to Diwali, kitchen has a lot of things to be done with. You cannot miss out a single place & so use the same technique of making checklist & get all the work done in a proper sequence without any confusion.
  • Bedroom Checklist: festive season are the ones where you have the arrival of lots of guest from in & out of your locality, your relatives and many more so having a clean living room is mandatory to make them feel good & comfortable. A clean & a systematically arranged bedroom always creates a good impression of your lifestyle. We have various objects in our bedroom so let’s just list down everything from a specific bedroom which too is cleaned & make sure that we clean & go through every object which has been listed down. In this way, we reduce the complexity of our work & fail to miss out anything.

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Diwali cleaning checklist!!!

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