Cost of Underestimating Termites- Myth Busted

Termites are the most invasive species found on the planet. Entomologists believe that the amount of losses incurred worldwide by the termites is way more than any other species or even natural calamities. Termites are badly reputed for the destruction of wood, timber, books and any type of objects. They have high levels of cellulose content in it. Destruction of Infrastructure, Wreckage to the forests and penetrating tough fortifications to eat through books, money notes and fabric has made termites the most feared creature. Hence termite control is essential. In fact, Scientists have estimated that termites cause more than 30 billion dollars of damages around the globe. And this figure is only the reported assessment considering reliable estimates of many other countries are difficult to obtain. The tiny termites are definitely the costliest animal species to the human civilization when it comes to the losses incurred. Termite infestations are usually noticed only after they have caused destruction on a big scale. Hence detecting the termite attack at the nascent stage is very difficult. The extent of the damage and gravity of termite infestation, are major factors for the increased costs of termite control.  The termites in-house can spread quickly and eat almost anything that comes in their way. They eat drywall, plastic and even thin sheets of metal and laminate flooring.

Fact on Termites damage

Termites eat currency notes

They eat up the wall or wooden artefact from inside leaving a thin layer of the wall making it hollow. Apart from eating paper and clothes, they can damage a good collection of books. Also, a huge chunk of cash kept in the safe deposit or banks for that matter. In 2016 there were reports of termites destroying a huge amount of donation money in a temple in Bihar. Also in 2011 a major bank in Bihar again, was a victim of termite infestation destroying the currency notes to bits. Both the cases were due to lack of termite inspection.  

Termite Control Solution

Amateurs should not do termite inspection and termite control. Be it by the local pest control dealers or even homeowner since the termite sprays and other termite control products available in the market are not effective in dealing with the grave termite damages. The anti-termite treatment is cheaply available in the market. But it requires repeated applications and the harmful chemical ingredients in termite insecticide are not safe for children and pets. Because they sometimes damage the furniture itself in the process. Improper usage of termite control product and it could lead to side effects or even the spread of the termites to other areas. The termite attacks are not under our control but timely termite inspection can go a long way in saving a lot of money in many ways. It is advised that termite control is done by professionals only. Hicare, a top termite control service company in India has experts with best termite solutions at their disposal to deal with any type of termite problems. With years of experience dealing with termites in varied situations, Hicare will make sure that they eradicate termites from their source itself. Call Hicare at 080-46809272 or visit to know more about the termite Pest Control Services. If you suspect, inform us immediately regarding the termite damage so as to make sure your destruction is minimized.