Coronavirus: What are some preventive measures?

Coronavirus preventive measures: Here’s a list of preventive measures to be taken for coronavirus which is spreading like a wildfire throughout the world.

If you’ve not heard of the novel Coronavirus disease that has been spreading across the globe like wildfire, then you’ve obviously been living under some rock all this time. Beginning in Wuhan, China, the disease has gone global and now, over 1,00,000 confirmed cases have been reported around the world. While there’s no confirmed cure of the illness yet, Coronavirus prevention should be your number one priority in the coming weeks and months. Stay calm, hydrated, hygienic and avoid contact with people in large gatherings. Do this well and let others also know how to prevent coronavirus, and the panic will decrease significantly!

How to avoid coronavirus?

1) Travel safe

When you’re making travels, try and avoid going to countries where the virus is widespread. Similarly, stay protected with a mask and alcohol-based sanitizer when in crowded and public areas like planes, airports, buses and more. Also make sure you have all your travel documentation and health insurance cards when you’re going anywhere. Carry disinfecting wipes as well, and make sure you’re stocked on everything in case your stay gets delayed anywhere.

2) Take care of family members

Among your coronavirus prevention tips, the most important is to take care of senior citizens and kids. They have weaker immunity systems and thus should be taken care of. Make sure your children are washing their hands well and regularly, and the same with elderly parents. Families can avoid going to too many social gatherings and they can also have their children get flu vaccinations to be protected. Regularly exercise your home cleaning activity to keep your house hold environment clean and healthy.

3) Avoid touching your face

“Respiratory infections can be caused by many different bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing germs,” says the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). When someone coughs or sneezes, germs can be transmitted through droplets in the air. Also known as COVID-19, coronavirus also spreads in the same way but apart from just droplets, it can happen through contact as well. Hence, it’s advised to never touch your face with dirty or unwashed hands. Washing again needs to be don thoroughly and not just a simple rinse.

4) Choose the right sanitizer

A simple soap and water wash may not always be available, especially when on the move. For continuous coronavirus prevention, make sure you’re using a liquid sanitizer always. Like we mentioned above, use one which has at least 60% alcohol content for proper results. Or else, all your hygiene efforts will be of no value. Again, you should stock up soon as most department stores and pharmacies are now running out of such products. Get your supply before ‘SOLD OUT’ hits all shops around the world.

5) Who wears masks?

Now, there’s a slight confusion when it comes to masks. Because of panic, everyone seems to be getting themselves masks. However, these masks aren’t for the general public at all. There is no evidence yet that says face masks can protect individuals from diseases like coronavirus. On the other hand, people with symptoms should be wearing these ‘N95’ masks so that they don’t spread the virus through droplets in the air. Masks however, will help prevent regular touching of your face. There’s plenty of content available online on how to prevent coronavirus. Make sure you’re well educated about the disease, especially if you’re among those who’s always up and about, and travelling. Remember, panicking won’t help any situation in life. Keep your basics strong and maintain the highest forms of hygiene and there won’t be any more coronavirus prevention tips to give you. Contact HiCare at 8828333888 for a complete deep cleaning to ensure your home is safe from such viruses.

Coronavirus: What are some preventive measures?

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