Checklist For Pest And Their Signs Before Buying A New House

checklist for pest

Buying a house is one of the biggest investment you are going to make in your lifetime. Hence it is absolutely mandatory to make sure you pay attention to every minute detail in the house before finalizing the deal. Also, beware of pest infection while buying a house.

Buying a house is one of the biggest investment you are going to make in your lifetime. Hence it is absolutely mandatory to pay attention to every minute detail in the house before finalizing the deal. If the house has been a victim of pest infestation, you can decide whether to back out of the deal. If the situation is feasible enough to buy the house, then solve the pest problem. Spotting a pest infestation could be a deal breaker in negotiations. Hence the seller or the broker will do anything in their capacity to hide the pest signs in the house. Absolutely necessary, that you as a buyer, double check the house as well as scrutinize every nook and cranny. It will avoid pest infection while conducting other inspections. Listed below are few Pest inspection protocols to carry out before signing over the dotted line.


  • Look for Cockroaches in kitchen and bathroom. Especially under the sink area, the openings, and gaps near the sinkhole, pipelines as well as gas cylinder storage space. Make it a point to carry a torch while inspecting the kitchen.
  • In spaces behind appliances, like the refrigerator and microwave oven, cockroach dropping or dead cockroach bodies will be found. In the house is prey to a cockroach pest infection and infestation.
  • Pay a very keen attention to weird ammonia type smell in the kitchen and the bathroom. This signals a high likelihood of cockroaches being present.
  • Hover a glance at the garbage or the dustbin spot to locate a cockroach or two.


  • Termites are one of the most dangerous infestations in any house as they are very difficult to control. Just because you don’t see any signs of termite does not necessarily mean they are not present.
  • Lookout for any mud tunnels behind the doors and the windows or near furniture. Sometimes the doors will have unusual yet visible holes indicating termite infestation.
  • Simply knocking on the door or any wooden equipment will be an adequate proof. It would suffice of a possible termite plague in the house as they will sound hollow.
  • In the corners, if you find sawdust-like powder on the ground it means that the termites have laid waste to the place and might result to pest infection and thus requires thorough pest control.
  • Many insurance companies don’t cover termite attacks and hence it is necessary to carry out a proper termite checkup before moving in. In case of suspicion, don’t shy away from asking the broker or seller regarding past or present termite bouts.


  • You can find bedbugs in all probability in the bedroom and the living room. Keep an eye out for dead bedbugs or their waste body parts.
  • Rust colored stains on the walls and near the beds imply bedbug infestation in the household.
  • Check near electrical appliances, wall hangings, and other furniture in the bedroom. Although they are very difficult to locate, it is safe to glance over the bedroom to be mentally satisfied.


  • For a better perspective on mosquito infestation, visit the potential house in the evening as dusk is usually when mosquitoes come out in full force.
  • If the house is near stale water pools or ponds, there is a high probability of the place being a mosquito breeding zone.
  • Mosquitoes produce a high pitched buzzing sound, so walk around the building to check for any such noise.
  • Just out of curiosity, investigate if there have been cases of mosquito or dengue in the area or more specifically in the building.


  • Rodents are more prevalent in kitchens and bathroom where the supply of food and water is adequate and sufficient for them and their offspring. Properly inspect every corner of the kitchen, for rat and mouse droppings. They are easily identifiable.
  • If you suspect a weird unusual pesticide smell in the house, there are high odds of a vermin being present there.
  • Keep an eye out for Rodent deterrent products, insect control objects and pesticide cans near the sink or in the cabinet in the kitchen or the bathroom to keep away pest infection.
  • If you hear a squeaky noise from the basement or the attic, the rodent is definitely hiding there.
  • Gnaw marks on furniture or equipment in the house can be another red flag in the presence of rodents.
  • Finally, before buying a house, listen to your inner instinct, if you are not completely convinced then don’t buy the house.

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Checklist For Pest And Their Signs Before Buying A New House

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