Best Kitchen Tile Cleaning Solutions Available at Home

best kitchen tile cleaning solutions at home

Even if you are fond of cooking, we bet you may not be fond of cleaning your kitchen, right? Kitchen cleaning may appear to be a terrible task, thanks to the presence of tough oil and grease stains on the kitchen tiles. These can be attributed to almost every dish that we cook in our kitchen. Unfortunately, even the best chefs are not experts in kitchen deep cleaning. But to enhance the taste of the food, it is important to prepare it in a clean and hygienic kitchen. So, one has no other option but to focus on regular kitchen cleaning.

Booking a professional kitchen deep cleaning service seems to be the perfect solution for this problem. But before that, why not try some easy kitchen-cleaning tips? 

So let us discover some hassle-free kitchen tile-cleaning hacks. These tips will help regain that lost shine from the most frequently used area of your house – the kitchen.

5 Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips You Should Know About

  1. Clean the Liquid Spillage Immediately
    Wipe off the stains caused due to liquid spillage at the very moment. Do not allow these spillages to leave behind stubborn stains when they dry out. It is always easier to clean them completely before they dry up. 
  2. Cleaning the Kitchen Tile Grouting
    One of the toughest places to clean in the kitchen is the grouting between the tiles. Use an old toothbrush that is easy to access these gaps and dip it in a baking soda and water solution. You may also choose to spray this solution and leave it there for at least half an hour. Scrub it later with the toothbrush to give it the lost shine. 
  3. Use a Vacuum Cleaner
    Like the other areas of your house, your kitchen also gets dirty with dust. Moreover, your kitchen is prone to attracting various particles of spices and grains scattered around. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect all such tiny food particles and throw them out in the garbage bin. 
  4. Mopping Works Too
    No matter how many advanced tricks you may try to clean the kitchen floors, there’s no comparison to mopping the floor to get that dazzling look. Try mopping the kitchen floors using a mix of water and some good liquid phenyl. It would not only clean your kitchen floor tiles but also leave a pleasant smell.
  5. Book Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services
    The easiest way to ensure proper kitchen cleaning is by booking professional kitchen deep-cleaning services. Seek professional help from experts like HiCare who know the right methods and use the right chemicals to clean your kitchen of all kinds of stains and spots. 

How to Clean Kitchen Tiles?

  1. Cleaning Grease Stains with Baking Soda
    The first effective tip for those looking for ways to clean kitchen tiles is baking soda. Several people have realized the effectiveness of baking soda in cleaning the stains and spots from any fabric or surface. For this, you need to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the grease stains in the kitchen and scrub it using a sponge. Do not forget to wipe again with a clean cloth to prevent the residues from sticking back to the kitchen tiles. 
  2. Cleaning Tough Stains with White Vinegar
    Cleaning experts hail the power of white vinegar when it comes to trying some natural cleaning solutions. White vinegar is powerful  in cutting down the toughest stains from your kitchen walls and floor tiles. It acts as a natural cleaning agent and also removes kitchen smoke stains. Mix it with some water and use this as a powerful kitchen-cleaning solution. 
  3. Using Salt to Remove Grease Stains
    Your dish may not get the right taste without salt, and your kitchen tiles may not be stain-free either without using salt. Such is the importance of salt in your kitchen. Try removing grease stains using salt to blot them and then spray some vinegar on top. Now use a damp cloth to wipe off the grease stains and see them vanish. 
  4. Using Lemon Juice and Borax Paste
    Another effective hack for cleaning the kitchen tiles is by trying a paste of lemon juice and borax. Apply this paste to the stained wall and wipe it off with a sponge after a few minutes. It works great at removing those stains and spots from the kitchen tiles. 
  5. Removing Oil Stains with Vegetable Oil
    How about beating oil with oil? Yes, it is possible if you try to remove tough oil stains from kitchen tiles with the help of vegetable oil that is already easily available in your kitchen. All you need to do is pour some vegetable oil on a paper towel and scrub the greasy stains on kitchen tiles. It’s one of the quickest remedies to clean your kitchen tiles.


Despite following all the above-mentioned kitchen cleaning hacks, if you fail to get the desired results, do not get disheartened. Leave the question of how to clean the kitchen and its tiles to the efficient professionals of HiCare. Book their kitchen-cleaning services to clean not just your kitchen tiles but the entire kitchen.

Best Kitchen Tile Cleaning Solutions Available at Home

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