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Everything You Need to Know About Mosquito Bites. Mosquitoes are some of the most hated insects of the outdoors. Find out more about mosquito bites here.

Mosquitos are insects that belong to the fly family. They’re large enough that most people can see them without a magnifying glass. Mosquitoes breed within no time and extend their army to attack humans. A professional mosquito pest control services provider helps to protect you and your family against these flying pests.

Male mosquitoes have feathery antennae that assist them to detect female mosquitoes. Females have bushier antennas than males. Males survive for roughly a week on average, but females might live for several months.

Mosquitos may be little and have short lives, yet they may cause serious harm to humans.What humans can do to prevent them is to be aware of their surroundings and how it could affect the blood-sucking monsters.

When a mosquito bites you, it uses a specific mouthpart (proboscis) to puncture the skin and sucking in blood. The mosquito injects saliva into your skin as it feeds. The saliva causes your body to react, resulting in a lump and itching. These mosquito bites are not just a cause of itchy bumps but also can transmit vector-borne diseases.

Let’s look at the aspects in your environment that attract mosquitoes to enter or the surroundings that unintentionally invite them into your home. Apart from the buzzing, there are a few other telltale signs that these dangerous insects are present in your spaces and you need pest control services for mosquitoes done : –

  • Standing water in your immediate vicinity –
  • Female mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in water to ensure their survival. As a result, stagnant water becomes a mosquito breeding site. That’s why you need to eliminate all standing water from around your house apart from getting regular mosquito control services for your family’s safety.

  • Humidity and high temperatures-
  • These weather conditions are ideal circumstances for mosquitoes to thrive. The climate in India makes it simpler for them to survive and pose a threat. Although there is nothing one can do with respect to controlling the weather, one can definitely keep this factor in mind and take thoughtful precautions like conducting pest control services for mosquitoes to avoid mosquito infestation.

  • Dark corners-
  • Mosquitoes like to hang out in the dark and between closed places, such as the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your house or office. You can try and keep in check these corners and perform regular mosquito pest control so professional mosquito pest control service providers can give mosquito relief and keep your corners mosquito-free.

The simple existence of one or more of these signs indicates that your space is in desperate need of mosquito pest control services, failing which there is a great risk of this infestation becoming a threat to your health and happiness.

Consider how quickly a mosquito infestation can amplify and how quickly the issue can spiral out of control if mosquito pest control services are not performed at the appropriate time. Take the best mosquito pest control services by HiCare.

Hicare, India’s trusted hygiene management company with a legacy of experience of over twenty-eight years. We have researched and developed targeted pest control solutions to cater to your mosquito menace.

Our three-step mosquito control solution- 3X Mosquito Control service targets mosquitoes at all developmental stages.

– Smart Water – Anti larval treatment
– Smart Air – Repellant dispenser
– Smart Walls – Encapsulated wall spray

This service has an efficacy of ninety days and is backed by a money back guarantee. Keep your windows open without a worry, and stay relaxed with professionals by your side. Call 8828333888 or book online on now!

All you need to know about mosquito bites | HiCare

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