Know more about Dengue Fever Treatment and Cure

When it comes to Dengue or for that matter any mosquito-transmitted disease nothing is more important than making sure the complete prevention is taken. And especially so during the monsoon season. To prevent the danger of dengue virus, you can only depend on the precautions. As yet, neither is there a dengue vaccine or a dengue fever treatment nor any medication for this fatal disease. The best way to prevent the dengue fever is to prevent bites by infected mosquitoes. Dengue fever is rampant worldwide but Asian countries record the highest number of dengue cases due to its tropical atmosphere.

Dengue Prevention Tips

Apart from keeping your surrounding and the external environment clean, here are some useful tips.

  • Avoid excessive watering of potted plants and draining out stale water immediately. In fact, it is advised to loosen the soil from potted plants to prevent accumulation of stagnant water on the surface of the hardened soil. The stagnant water creates an ideal site for the mosquitoes to breed.
  • Don't let garbage accumulate especially the wet garbage such as vegetable waste, fruit peels, and food debris. Make sure to dispose of trash properly away from your home. Keeping the surroundings clean is the single most effective method to prevent dengue in common household.
  • Use windows and door screens at home to prevent mosquitoes from entering. Use mosquito nets while sleeping especially when it comes to small children. Wearing clothes that minimize skin exposure to mosquitoes is also advisable.
  • Mosquito repellent is another effective way of protecting yourself and your family.
  • Avoid Local pest control services offering Anti Dengue services as they use unapproved chemicals that might be harmful causing more damage.
  • Natural method to keep mosquitoes at bay is to plant Tulsi near your window. The plant has properties that do not allow mosquitoes to breed.

Call The Dengue Experts for KPB

These home remedies might be a good solution up to a certain extent. But for better care of your family from dengue fever and other symptoms of dengue (dengue lakshan), HiCare's Anti Dengue Service is recommended. Kill Protect Block Technology is a three-step Dengue mosquito (dengue Machar) control service that stops the mosquitoes from breeding in the first place while terminating the already present mosquitoes. Odorless and colorless, the Bayer Chemicals approved by Central Insecticide Board assures best results and safety for everyone including children, pets, and people with allergy. When it comes to dengue infection, there is no specific medication. Although doctors do regular checkups to make sure it doesn't strike any further.

  • Pain relievers can be an effective medic for immediate respite. Patients having dengue fever symptoms should be admitted to hospitals immediately for quick and effective dengue fever treatment.
  • Along with medicines, doctors recommend a strict diet for dengue patients for a speedy recovery.
  • Rest and drink plenty of fluids along with the patient's normal diet to prevent dehydration.

Best Foods Dengue Patients should eat

  • Care should be taken while selecting foods for dengue patients as those foods should be easily consumable and digestible.
  • This is because dengue affects the liver of a person and because of weak liver condition; it becomes difficult for the body to digest food easily.
  • Diet for dengue patients generally includes a lot of fluid intake, green vegetables, and proteins.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids helps in removing toxins from the body.

Care to take for Dengue patients

There is no precise medication for Dengue fever treatment. But if a clinical diagnosis of symptoms of Dengue is made early, an experienced doctor can reduce the impact of Dengue in an individual.

Dengue fever treatment

  • You can go with exercise, good diet, work out plans and multivitamins.
  • Take a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and proteins. A multivitamin supplement also can rectify the symptoms which cause dengue.
  • Generally liquids in the form of fruit juice, coconut water is a preeminent solution. Although WHO recommends ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) on a regular basis for dengue fever treatment.
  • Absolute bed rest for faster recovery might play a catalyst in speedy recovery as well.

Dengue fever recovery time

The dengue fever normally lingers for three to four days but depending on the patient's condition it might take few days to a couple of weeks for all the symptoms for dengue to disappear leading to a month of weakness at a bare minimum. In a typical dengue infection case, rarely does the dengue symptom extend beyond a month. Low platelet count generally persists for up to a week after dengue fever subsides. Thereafter, platelet count usually starts recovering gradually. Dengue patients with other complications like Myocarditis, Pancreatitis, and renal failure take a very long time to recover and they need specific dengue treatment for these impediments.

Is Dengue Fever Contagious?

Other than the physical transfer of infected blood from a dengue-infected individual to a healthy person, dengue cannot spread directly. There has never been a report of the spread of dengue infection through the means of coughing or sneezing. Although a person down with a dengue fever (dengu bukhar) can infect other mosquitoes causing it to spread further. A dengue fever patient goes through two spells of fever and must ensure no mosquito bites until dengue fever subsides. Be especially careful in protecting the patient during the daytime as the dengue mosquito is more likely to bite during the day than at night. After all, a pest free home is a healthy home! Visit HiCare for expert Mosquito Control Services.