What is house cleaning?

What is house cleaning? Using eco-friendly chemicals & the best equipment along with professional techniques & experts is house cleaning. Know more at Hicare!

“As we got into the house cleaning business, we realized that it is the combination of art and science. Right from using eco-friendly chemicals and high-grade equipment and the technique of using them and getting the best results out with the help of a team is the actual house cleaning. The name itself suggests that house cleaning is a professional task of cleaning the place with every nook and corner constantly polished to remove every bit of a stubborn stain and dirt. We, at Hicare, send our professionals at your house to offer you the best home cleaning service in the city according to your convenience.

Why do we need our homes cleaned?

A dirty house is a breeding place for germs and virus which will further invite rats and cockroaches. Deep cleaning and scrubbing the floor is not something one can manage alone. Therefore, it is necessary for every homeowner to get their house deeply cleaned occasionally by the professional cleaners.

How we clean homes at Hicare


Starting with the cleaning service from this area, our team of professionals ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned from inside out. We don’t leave any corners or wall unattended as we understand that the place where you sleep must be perfectly cleaned.


Our area to focus on is your kitchen and we spend more than 3 hours to get this place germs-free and brightly sparkling.

Living room

The living room is last but not the least as we stick around in cleaning the sofas, ceiling and floor thoroughly.

Finishing Touch

Once we have got our work done right, the job is not over yet! We will have our professionals to do the final cleanup and make your house the best and safest place to stay by giving your home that extra shine from our end.

We, at Hicare, are best known for our deep cleaning and sofa shampooing services. To book any professional home cleaning service in Mumbai, you can reach us through our website https://hicare.in

What is house cleaning?

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