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You definitely wouldn’t think of pests being a huge problem until you eventually encounter them and face the menace yourself. From destroyed furniture to swollen walls, cracks, scurrying noises, and the overall mess; harbouring these tiny crawlies isn't worth it. Moreover, these pests cause diseases that could be fatal. Why bear through these consequences when there are professionals who would get rid of them for you?

Pest control although it seems like an easy job, can’t be done by someone who isn't a pest control service professional. You need knowledge about pests, their behaviour, and also the chemicals that you would employ and the techniques you would have to use. Not to mention, the places in your home or office that you need to put the chemicals in and the safety factor that comes into play when using the said chemicals.

There are different types of pest control techniques and chemicals used for the varied types of pests. Only a well-established pest control services provider would be knowledgeable and equipped enough to solve your specific pest management trouble.

HiCare has three decades of experience in dealing with Pest management and delivering exemplary pest control at home and in commercial spaces. We have put their efforts into researching and designing innovative solutions in the sector so we can provide our clients and customers with nothing but the best pest control services in India.

To put it more simply, here's a quick look into how an experienced pest control services company like HiCare would go about solving your pest problem. HiCare has developed particular methods of pest control that caters to each pest - ant control, cockroach pest control, mosquito control service, termite pest control, bed bug pest control and rodent pest control solutions.

Whether you conduct pest control services at home or commercial spaces, one thing is for sure, you need to have safety protocols in place. So, we have pledged to keep ourselves safe to keep you safer! Temperature checks, Aarogya setu update, regular tests, sanitization, using safety gear from head to toe( mask, ppe kit, shoe coversPPE kit, shoe covers). To give you more clarity in choosing us as your pest control partner, we have this last thing to say-

We have served over 30 Lakhs homes and over 300 corporate clients that include commercial organizations, government bodies, and businesses. Some of the reputed clients include Starbucks, Apollo hospitals, Metro Cash and Carry, Glenmark, and Citibank. From these offices to Taj hotels and ITC hotels, we have accelerated these businesses by helping them get safer spaces to work in using our well-researched pest control solutions. We also take an immense amount of pride in mentioning that we have worked at Mumbai and Hyderabad Airports.

Now that you know we perform all types of pest control services, just give us a call on 8828333888 today and book to experience our top-notch hygiene management yourself.

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