Can Anything Save You From Mosquitoes?

Protection against mosquitoes: Know the sources of the mosquito & how you can protect yourselves with the best tips & treatment methods at Hicare!

Protection against mosquitoes

Now, this is one of those dreaded questions that has put a lot of people across the nation in deep thoughts. People around are wondering how they can actually tackle this deadly monster “ the mosquito and what they can do for protection against mosquitoes. This pesky monster does everything on earth to spoil your peace by invading your house and in turn, make you ill. Mosquitoes are considered as the deadliest animals because of the diseases they spread and the havoc they wreak upon the people.

Imagine you are planning a party at home, you have guests enjoying, but the very next moment you find them leaving your house, with itchy bites and scratched arms and neck? Sounds unusual and insulting, right? Well yes, this can happen if your house is infested with a gang of #mosquitoes.

What if you have planned a barbecue party one evening in the backyard with your friends, but you are also accompanied by these invited guests who BITE? Mosquito bites are really very annoying and can make you really sick, isn’t it? Hence it is necessary for protection against mosquitoes?

What if you wait for that long weekend after a stressful week of endless work and meetings, but all that gets spoiled by disastrous invasion by mosquitoes? They don’t let you sleep, neither do they let you sit back and relax.

These are just some of the things which turn out to be really big troubles for everyone at home. But the big question is, can anything save you from mosquitoes? Can anything lead to #mosquito prevention? Is there anything that can be the best weapon for mosquito control?

The answer is, YES!

But, before we move on to know what can save you from these deadly monsters, let’s first know what the sources of origination of these mosquitoes are.


The most common breeding area for these mosquitoes in stagnant water.

  • Mosquitoes are also traced near the edge of slow-moving water.

  • Dim, shady and damp areas are their very favourite.

  • Keep your bathroom clean and dry as a damp bathroom can attract earthworms.

  • Waterlogged in flowerpots inside the house

  • Make sure there is no water accumulation in tyres, cans, vases and other such stuff

Hence, knowing the sources can stop the causes of mosquito breeding thereby putting you in less trouble. And, if you still think covering yourself with netmasks or using mosquito repellent would help, think again! As there is something that promises to help you get rid of all mosquito problems. Guess what that is? Its HICARE 360 BPK Treatment, India’s First Anti Mosquito service that blocks, protects and kills mosquitoes.

BPK Treatment

HICARE 360 Three Way BPK Treatmentlets you block mosquitoes protection against mosquitoes from all breeding places, protects your entire house and safeguards every room of your house with a kill machine. WHO approved and extremely safe to use, this is the best you can gift yourself for a complete protection from mosquitoes.

  • BLOCKS: It blocks mosquitoes from breeding. Our trained technicians identify the static water bodies in our home. They then treat it with a special chemical which is very much lethal to mosquito larvae and yet, is completely harmless to human beings. Hence, it blocks all corners & hiding places!

  • PROTECTS: This process protects the entire house by spraying the walls, ceilings, curtains and space behind the furniture and almost every corner where mosquitoes love to hide with a special WHO approved formulation, completely harmless to humans and extremely deadly to mosquitoes, which kills them instantly on contact! Hence, protects the entire house, guaranteed!

  • KILLS: The final stage includes installing of a Mosquito Kill Machine in every room of your house. It comes with a unique blower with special turbofans that help spread the anti-mosquito formulation to every corner of the house ensuring that each and every mosquito entering or existing in your house is destroyed completely!

So, choose HICARE 360 BPK Treatment for your home and get the best protection against mosquitoes today! Hicare’s BPK Treatment is WHO certified, has an immediate effect on the target spots, is odourless and works for 365 days. So, isn’t this the best way to defeat the deadly bugs?

So drop all self-service and call the experts at 8828333888 or visit NOW for the best mosquito management service and defense against mosquitoes. Hicare offers one of the best pest control services for homes and commercial premises. Get a Pest control done in your home (Pest control in Bangalore, Pest control in Chennai, Pest control in Mumbai) every couple of months to ensure your home is free of any mosquito eggs.

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Can Anything Save You From Mosquitoes?

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