5 Simple Tips for Working People to Keep Their Homes Pest Free

With such busy schedule and spending so many hours at work, one wants to reach home and relax. While it might be fine for a day or two, making it a habit would cause more than just physical damage. Keeping home untidy and dirty is the main cause for pest to breed at your place. We understand how hard you have been working the entire day and hence suggest simple everyday tips to keep your house clean and pest free, which are less time consuming and more effective.

1. Morning Routine

Add a few house chores to your general morning routine. Wake up and make your bed to give you a clean start to your hectic day. Do small chores as you go by your day, sweep or vacuum the house, wipe dusty table tops and clean the washroom before you make your morning tea. A small way would go a long way.



2. Clear Food; Clear Table

How many times have you reached home, ordered takeout and slept without cleaning the mess? Your kitchen and unattended food could be perceived as a buffet for pest. It takes hardly a minute to clear food from all surfaces and throw the leftover in the bin. By whatever means, do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.



3. Clear the Trash

Clearing the garbage every night after you return home and placing them outside your house are small habits that will help you keep your house clean on a daily basis. Remember to keep the area around your thrash can clean at all times and once in a week clean the inside of the trash can.






4. Laundry Less

Instead of keeping a bag full of laundry for the weekend, do a little bit each day. This will not only reduce your load for the weekend but will also keep your home clean and odour free. Like unattended food, unattended dirty clothes are the perfect breeding place for pest. Any place that smells bad and is unattended for a long time is an instant attraction for pest.

Find time in your busy schedule and call for a professional periodic inspection of your home and treat your home before it is too late. While searching for pest control services, look for licensed professional. Hicare is the only licensed pest control service in India that is HACCP certified. They are a pest control expert that will help you get rid of your unwanted pest without much hassle.

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