5 Reasons Why Mosquito Pest Control Is Important In Winter

Mosquito Problems in winters. Here are 5 reasons to schedule a winter pest control appointment today. Book the Mosquito Pest Control Services Mumbai on 8828333888 or www.hicare.in

It’s a common misconception that with the cold weather rolling in, pests will pack up and leave until next year. The truth is in the colder months, crawling insects and other pests that don’t go dormant in the winter can make their way into our homes and draw in mice and other rodents, looking for warmth. Additionally, winters in India bring its own set of insects and other pests to stay on the lookout for. While living in major cities like Mumbai, getting mosquito pest control services Mumbai really helps to calm down the situation at least in your space.

What Pests Are Common in the Winter?

Pests are common in India year-round. In the winter, home and business owners must frequently deal with the following pests:

Mosquitoes and rats- Mice and rats require only a tiny opening or crack to gain entry into your home. They can enter through your attic and gnaw on the wires, wood beams, electrical wires and insulation.

Sealing your home- The early winter is the best time for mosquito pest control services Mumbai team to seal up all openings before mice seek shelter in your home or business. They will check the areas where utilities and pipes enter the home. A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime.

Dormant insects- Many insects will hide in the attic or basement in late fall and early winter to escape the frigid winter temperatures. Spiders, cluster flies, lady bugs will remain dormant until spring. Then as the weather warms, they can easily find their way into your living spaces.

Here are five important reasons to schedule a winter pest control appointment today.

  • Cold Weather Won’t Affect Pests Living in Your Walls
  • While the cold may have an impact on pests outdoors, the many species of insects that can make their home inside your walls will remain comfortable all winter. Winter pest control is necessary to address any possible termite, cockroach, earwig or carpenter ant infestations.

  • Rodents Can Get Into Your Home Through Small Holes
  • Rodents are capable of squeezing through very small cracks in your walls; indeed, mice have been known to fit through holes as small as a dime. Because the cold winter weather can drive rodents to seek shelter in your home, sealing off all possible entry points is important for keeping your home rodent-free.

  • Attics Can Act As Shelter For Spiders
  • Spiders often seek shelter from the cold in attics, spinning webs and leaving egg cases in your home when they do. At the onset of warm weather, any webs and cases that have been allowed to remain in your attic can form the basis for a reemerging infestation.

  • An Inspection in Winter Can Uncover Pest Related Issues
  • During the relative calm of winter, having your pest control specialist perform a thorough inspection of your home for untreated pest control issues or conditions that could increase your risk of pest problems in the future will help protect your home and prepare you for the rest of the year.

  • Unaddressed Cracks, Holes and Gaps Around Windows and Doors Can Become Major Issues In Spring
  • Even if pest populations are less active in winter, unwanted mosquitoes, insects and rodents quickly return in the warm weather of spring. Failing to address any outstanding issues in winter can leave your home vulnerable when spring rolls around.

    How can HiCare help you?

    Using our 3× Mosquito Pest Control, HiCare ensures that you are not only protected from new mosquitoes entering the house but also from the ones that might have found ways to breed inside or nearby.

    Our 3× Mosquito Pest Control Plan includes:

    – Anti-larval treatment: HiCare aims at providing end-to-end pest control solutions to its clients and the anti-larval treatment is the first step that kills mosquito eggs and prevents them from breeding further.

    – Encapsulated wall spray: The WHO-approved wall spray is proven to kill hiding and resting mosquitoes. Though it is dangerous for mosquitoes, the encapsulated technology of the spray makes it safe for children and pets to be around

    – Automatic wall dispenser: HiCare also provides you with 3 months of CIB-approved wall dispenser which helps keep new mosquitoes away. It is installed at all entering points and you can get its refill changed every 3 months.

    Now that sounds like a fool-proof plan to get rid of mosquitoes without any hassles. And all of this with a 30 days money back guarantee is definitely not a bad deal, isn’t it? Just call 8828333888 or visit www.hicare.in and book the Mosquito Pest Control Services Mumbai.

    5 Reasons Why Mosquito Pest Control Is Important In Winter

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