5 Easy Tips to How to clean wooden furniture by Hicare Expert

5 Easy Tips to How to clean wooden furniture by Hicare Expert

Now you can easily get rid of the spilled water stains, polish and ink mark that is probably visible on your wooden furniture. Simply follow the simple furniture cleaning tips and tricks given below and get rid of the stains from your furniture.

Tips to clean wooden furniture

  1. Find out the outer finishing of your furniture:

The outer finishing of the furniture does react with the chemicals and solutions used on it. Therefore, using a right cleaner or solution will help in successive cleaning of your home or office furniture. Ensure to not use much water while cleaning the furniture and even if you end up using it, don’t leave it for a long. This is because water has the ability to crack or warp the wood.

  1. Wipe down dust and dirt from the wood:

Run a piece of clean cloth all around your furniture to remove all the dust and dirt that has got settled on the surface. Try not to use feather dusters for your wooden furniture, as their quills might cause scratcheson your wood.

  1. Polish with mineral spirits:

Mineral spirits like paint thinners are excellent to hide away accumulated grime on your wooden furniture. Add spirits into a rag, and soothingly wipe your furniture. While using spirits, ensure you are working out in a ventilated space.

  1. Prepare a turpentine solution:

Blend three quarter cups of boiled linseed oil in a one quarter cup of turpentine and shake well.  Simply pour this solution on the wooden surface and gently rub. This solution acts great to give your furniture a glossy finish.

  1. Buff waxed or varnished surfaces with lemon oil:

Take a clean cloth and moisten with alittle oil. Now wipe your furniture with this piece of cloth and then buff the surface, while leaving little residue behind.

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