3 reasons a professional mosquito control is necessary for you | HiCare

Most of our Indian households are well acquainted with mosquitoes and how they are a big nuisance. Especially, if your place is situated somewhere near a water body, be it a stream, lake, pond or river, you know how they just keep growing in numbers. For instance, if there is an open gutter on the lane that you walk in, you see all the mosquitoes buzzing around.

Mosquitoes are one of the most common types of pests and can possess some serious threat to humans. We often tend to ignore a few mosquitoes around our space. However, if ignored for a longer period of time, they can cause dengue, malaria and other diseases. This is where professional mosquito control comes to the rescue. If these pests and bugs are tackled at the earlier stage with mosquito pest control, you reduce the number of risks via ten folds. Before considering a company for pest control mosquitos, consider these factors and arrive at a decision.

  • Licensing- Is the company registered and recognised? Are the chemicals used approved by a regulatory body?
  • Techniques- What type of techniques are used to disinfect? Is it water-based, steam-based, alcohol-based, herbal-based?
  • Safety- How safe is it for elders, pets and children?
  • Chemicals- What type of chemicals are used?
  • Side effects- Are there any side effects that you should know of?
  • Effective- How long-lasting and effective will the mosquito pest control be?
  • Accessibility- How accessible is the company and its technicians?
  • Reviews- Read as many reviews about the company as possible.
  • Legacy- How long have they been operating in this industry?
  • Recommendations- Seek recommendations from your friends and family.

As a homeowner, workspace worker/owner, restaurant owner etc. if you are on the fence about mosquito control, here are 3 reasons why you should consider professional mosquito control:

  2. Mosquitoes are a big nuisance to control. Every time you sit or go out, you just keep swatting and clapping to keep them away. They also keep growing in numbers and are known to cause dengue, malaria and other harmful diseases. They breed around water bodies, so even if you have water stored in a drum, or just a usual act of watering your plants can turn into a mosquito breeding ground. Getting mosquito pest control done at regular intervals can shield you and your family from these health effects. You can live peacefully in a mosquito-free zone.

  4. When it comes to mosquito control, our usual vaporizers are much more cost effective than professional services, but are they really worth it?

    HiCare's professional hygiene experts know just what they're doing. The 3 step process ensures complete control on mosquitoes and lets you keep your windows open 24/7! Our hygiene experts start with inspection of your homes, followed by the anti-larval treatment that prevents mosquito breeding. Next, they spray the walls with WHO approved encapsulated wall spray and place an automatic wall dispenser near the entry points. The 3 step process helps you not only to get rid of hiding and resting mosquitoes but also the breeding larvae at the initial stage.

  6. Gone are the days when you had to step out of your house to book pest control services. HiCare's digital interface lets you book everything from pest control to disinfection right from the comfort of your home. Just visit the HiCare website and add your pincode. Select the service which you want to book followed by the number of rooms you want to book it for. Make the payment online and you get a 5% discount! HiCare will send you a message with the scheduled arrival time of your hygiene expert so that you can be prepared for their visit.

    When you develop a habit of mosquito pest control at regular intervals, you indirectly protect yours and your family's health. Instead of being exposed to chemicals like harmful vaporizers and encountering the hassle of running behind them with mosquito rackets, getting pest control mosquitos every few months can help reduce the numbers and health effects. Call 8828333888 or visit www.hicare.in to book your mosquito control service today!