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Indian homes maintain a different level of hygiene when it comes to festive cleaning. Now that Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali and so many big festivals are just around the corner, the maids and family members are swaying fast to ensure that the entire home is spotless and sparkling.

You might've heard people saying 'Hey, don't use that washroom, it is not hygienic' and so on. We Indians maintain such a different level of hygiene in our bathrooms, that we look for it everywhere. During these festival times, our maids help us out but not all of us are perfectly satisfied no matter how much we mop, rub and clean.

Bathrooms should be kept clean to ensure the health and hygiene of the members and the guests. You can't have mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pests with running water and corroded metal railings. No matter how much we mop and rub, we still don't get the spotless effect that we want.

What do you do in such a case?

The solution to this is availing bathroom cleaning services, professional bathroom cleaning or bathroom deep clean service. Torn between family, friends, work, children and errands, many homeowners can't find the time to clean the house often. They turn to bathroom deep cleaning services or simply searching for 'bathroom cleaning services near me'.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a professional bathroom cleaning service or bathroom deep clean service.


When you are deciding on selecting a bathroom deep cleaning service, take time to check for a company's testimonials and references. If their customer base is loyal, they'll recommend the company which is a good sign of proven satisfaction for the bathroom deep clean service company.


It is one of the most important factors to be considered. Look for a professional bathroom cleaning company that holds a record for expertise and years of legacy. The expertise of the company can be determined via the technology they use, the techniques that are given training of and the quality of chemicals that they use.


A bathroom cleaning services company of your choice should be able to offer an option of green/eco-friendly cleaning, preferably at no additional charge. It shows how responsible a company is. Using eco-friendly products not only saves the environment but also doesn't produce any side effects in bathroom deep cleaning.


A dependable bathroom cleaning services company should have a straightforward, hassle-free and an extremely easy to use online booking system that guides and allows the customer to schedule a cleaning session quickly and safely. Apart from that, if the company is well known in the area, you know that it will be there in the 'bathroom cleaning services near me' query. You can read reviews and should even be easily able to book with them.


A good cleaning company should be able to accommodate all your needs and preferences. Be it a basic, deep cleaning or move out type cleaning, whatever you wish to schedule a session for, the company should be able to do it without any hassle.


The attitude and behaviour of the said company's staff are also important. Apart from their efficiency and professionalism, they should know how to treat a client respectfully. They should maintain a positive and friendly attitude with their customers.


The price might act as a constraint because people have different budgets to work around and with. So you must do the math and see the best possible option. For example, when you search for 'bathroom cleaning services near me', you might see an array of options, compare yours by noting down the price and the services offered for that value. The services depend upon the number of units and the space.


We all lead busy lives. You should ascertain how much time the cleaners will take to complete the job. Depending on the size of the unit or units, it may take a couple of hours, over a day or over a few days to complete the task. Be clear about it with your cleaners.


You must check the safety protocols that the cleaners undertake while doing the job. Next, the products that they use should be safe for your pets, kids and elderly. There may be a few industrial chemicals that might harm your health. Be clear about these things.


Decluttering is something that you should do yourself before the cleaners come. This helps them undertake the deep cleaning service smoothly. For instance, take out all the bottles and toiletries from your space so that they can ensure thorough cleaning.

How can HiCare help you?

HiCare has been in the industry for the last 28 years and is known for its hygiene and pest control. The biggest advantage of hiring HiCare is that there are no hidden costs. We've served over 10 lakh homes and over 30 lakh+ families with satisfactory results.

Our process includes no harmful chemicals to ensure safety for you, kids, pets and the elderly. Our procedure includes three steps.

  • Step 1 – Thoroughly Sanitizing WC, Shower Heads & Toilets
  • Step 2 – Externally Wet Wiping of Windows, Glasses
  • Step 3 – Mopping / Scrubbing of the floors
  • It is a time of celebrations and you don't want to drown yourself in the cleaning work. HiCare can help you lend a hand and undertake the task with the best results at a great value. Not only does HiCare do bathroom cleaning, but we also undertake kitchen cleaning, sofa cleaning, chair & carpet cleaning, fridge cleaning, car cleaning and full home cleaning. To know more about us, you can visit our Website or simply call us at 8828333888 and book with us.