House Hazards

Polluted air has been linked to some of the greatest challenges within the health area today. Cancer, cardiac disease, dementia, asthma and even obesity can be caused or worsened by pollution. No wonder that the topic has gained enormous attention. Stranger then, how there has been very little stir about indoor air when the reality is that it’s often more polluted than outdoor air.

The logical action for most people, to retreat indoors when the outdoor air is bad, thereby has no effect. True, the largest reason for dirty indoor air in most cases is the outdoor air, as pollutants from traffic, factories etc enter through windows, doors or a general “leakage” in our buildings. But we create even more pollution ourselves when we, for example, cook, light candles, repaint or hang up clothes that are washed with perfumed detergents. And according to studies, we spend more than 90 percent of our time inside. This means that the quality of indoor air is extra important.

So, in what rooms are there chances of which pollutant? And why do they arise? Take a look at the image of the house to learn more.


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