World Environment Day -15 Tips How to Contribute

In the universe are billions of galaxies, and in our galaxy are billions of planets, however, there is only one earth. Every year on June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day each time with a new theme. It is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people.

"Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl, the most beautiful planet in the Universe," poet Abhay K wrote in an Earth Anthem for World Environment Day 2013." Who will look after our "shared family home" if we don't? Mother Nature is the most abundant Mother on Earth: are we mistreating her or tenderly caring?

Do you ever sit and wonder how everything nature provides us is free from trees that give us shade and oxygen to fruits, and butterflies. Flowers also add beauty to life and play a crucial role in re-pollination and the emergence of new plant life? What about the very air we breathe and the planet's life-giving rivers?

Why do we celebrate World Environment Day?

This day is observed to increase global awareness and the importance of environmental health and challenges. This is accomplished by taking a variety of steps to safeguard nature and the environment, resulting in a good and healthy atmosphere for all. The United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) World Environment Day is an opportunity to reflect on how we are intertwined with nature. Also, how completely and unmistakably we rely on it for our survival.

Nature is in a state of emergency as time is running out. To solve these critical concerns, we need to take immediate action. Realise it’s only one earth and our focus should be on living sustainably in balance with nature. As our society evolves, our environment suffers the consequences of embracing environmentally hazardous technology and resources.

What can I do to support World Environment Day?

While the industry has made our life simpler, it also has detrimental repercussions on the environment. Here are some ways that can help contribute to saving the world, because together we can do so much-

  • Try growing a flower in a flowerpot or caring for a sapling.
  • Keep your surroundings and roadways clean.
  • Say "yes" to public transportation as well.
  • Make sure plastic should be avoided at all costs.
  • Purchase wonderful recycled-products handicrafts.
  • Encourage your community to segregate their dry and wet waste.
  • Alternate energy sources such as solar or geothermal energy.

Here are 5 Green DIY tips for your house-

  1. Microwave a bowl of water with a few lemon slices for 2 minutes to clean and scent the microwave.
  2. For a customized cleaning solution, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (tea tree or lavender).
  3. Make dusters or mops out of old shirts, towels, or other household linen.
  4. Fill the kitchen sink with a cup of vinegar. Allow it to sit for an hour before unplugging it and pouring cold water down the drain to clear it out.
  5. Mix lime/lemon juice with a pinch of salt to clean and disinfect naturally.

Celebrate at home or in society by taking these small steps-

  1. Turn off the TV and all unneeded lights when not using it.
  2. Instead of taking a shower, take a bucket bath to save water.
  3. Fix leaky faucets and keep the tap closed while shaving or brushing your teeth.
  4. Recycle the water you use to wash your vegetables and use it to irrigate your plants.
  5. Plan a community clean-up in your society.
  6. Make a cleaning cloth from old shirts.
  7. Do not lazily surf on laptops, PCs, or mobile phones in excess.
  8. Plant a tree in your yard. Give a sapling as a gift.
  9. Don't throw food away or waste it; you can always replenish your plate.
  10. Instead of harsh chemicals, use green, eco-friendly items at home.

What role does Eco-Pest Control play?

Promoting biodiesel, hydropower, and solar water heaters; developing new drainage systems, and preventing deforestation is one thing. The goal of World Environment Day is to make the general public aware that everyone is responsible for the environment's preservation.

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Citronella, Holy Basil (Tulsi), and eucalyptus are known to be natural mosquito repellents. Furthermore, organizations like HiCare utilize these since they are environmentally friendly. HiCare is India's first mosquito control service with immediate results, which is especially useful in the event of mosquito-borne disease outbreaks. We even offer the best pest control for cockroaches as well as an anti-termite treatment.

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Take small measures and protect your planet.