Who is the best pest control service provider in India?

Choosing the right pest control service provider is a very difficult choice these days, with numerous companies providing services with different features and varying prices to fit your bill. However, you have to always go for the most trusted brand when it comes to pest control, as this is your house we're talking about. Your home! In India, HiCare is the most reputed and respected pest control brand, not just today or for a few weeks, but over the years. Using best-in-class technology and highly trained technicians, HiCare knows how to survey your homes for current and potential problems, and then how to solve them too. One of the many reasons that have set HiCare apart from the rest is the fact that they don't get rid of your pest problems temporarily, but they exterminate the issues from the root, which has made them the best pest control service provider in India. Ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, or even birds. We provide you with the best pest control solutions, across every city in India.

Presence across India

Our country is huge, ranking 7th in terms of area and 2nd in terms of population in the world. It's not easy to have coverage all across such vast demographics, but HiCare has you covered, regardless of where you reside in India. We serve households and commercial premises in over 30 cities in India, including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

Weather differences:

  • Mumbai: With the tropical hot and dry climate of this city, Mumbai is home to a thousand species of insects.
  • Delhi: The Indian capital sees extreme climate with hot summers and equally cold winters. With the ups and downs in weather coupled with pollution in this city, pest control is a must.
  • Chennai: Proximity to the sea and the thermal equator makes Chennai's climate relatively consistent, with temperatures ranging between 21 to 36 degrees Celsius through the year. However, this isn't a pest-free climate either.
  • Bangalore: Tropical savanna climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. Pest control here is of utmost importance as occasional heat waves make insects scurry away to homes for shelter.

Every city across India has various pest issues based entirely on climatic conditions. There are also many cities that share common pests. However, there is only one entity that has solutions for every unique pest problem across the country, and that is HiCare.


HiCare qualifies as the best pest control service in the country. This is due to many reasons such as quality, best technology, trained engineers, a vast range of services and products, reasonable rates, after-sales services, warranties, customer satisfaction, coverage around the country and much, much more. A look at some of the bestselling pest control services provided by the company:

  • Home cleaning: Whatever may be the season, get your home in shape. Get a thorough cleaning of your hall, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, mattresses, sofas, curtains and much more.
  • Pest control: Cockroaches, ants, termites, mosquitoes and much more. Name them all and HiCare will end the game of them all. We ensure your family is safe from diseases spread by these insects.
  • Bird netting: Pest birds can now keep their distance from your homes. Get strategically placed bird nettings across your gardens, balconies, windows, etc.
  • Air purification: Living in a populated or industrial city and suffering from a lack of clean air to breathe? Check out HiCare's range of purification devices which boast various features and come in various shapes and sizes.

We've done our job informing you about the best pest control service provider in India. Now it's your job to call and experience it yourself. Book an appointment online or by calling 8828333888.  Make sure you return to this blog to comment and let us know about your experience!