What is the Importance of Outdoor Pest Control?

Some of us know very well how to maintain a hygienic home. Sometimes we make sure everything in neat and tidy and ready for guests, 24x7. However, locality matters too. You can't live in the middle of the ocean and not get wet. Similarly, if you are living in unhygienic surroundings, personal or home hygiene becomes difficult. That's why outdoor pest control is considered as important as cleanliness at home.

Example - Cockroaches

You may have cleaned all your drains at home, have blocked all entry points and also you may not leave food lying around and garbage bags overflowing at home. Yet, you might find signs of cockroaches. This could be because there is an open gutter or drain nearby or outside your home. It could be that the society's garbage bins are left overflowing and unattended for many days. In such cases, they will find a way into your homes too. That's our first example of the need of outdoor pest control.

Example - Mosquitoes

Now you know that mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water. You take the necessary preventive measures and don't leave water lying around in buckets, cans, etc. You even make sure kitchens and bathrooms are dry at all times. Windows have also been netted to make sure they don't fly in. Yet, your child is in danger of diseases like dengue and malaria because of the overflowing gutters outside your home. Because of no outdoor pest control, cans and tyres in your society gardens are full of water, allowing mosquitoes to breed. Outdoor pest control or fogging can help solve this problem of mosquitoes breeding outdoors.

Example - Termites

Now within your homes, you may not be storing empty cardboard boxes. There may not be wet and/or damp conditions in your place of residence. However, there could be wet or damp mulch or compost being used in your society garden or anywhere outdoors. Any cellulose items in your garden could connect to your home, which allows termites entry through the foundation. If you know the importance of outdoor pest control, you can avoid this.

Example - Bed Bugs

There's no real way of using outdoor pest control to avoid bed bugs. But it's an example of bugs coming from outdoors. Bed bugs don't originate from your homes. They hitch on to suitcases and bags from hotels, motels and other public places. You can even bring them home from offices and means of public transport like buses and taxis.

Importance of outdoor pest control

We hope you have understood the above examples and know that indoor pest control isn't enough. Similarly, there are many other examples wherein you can realize the importance of outdoor pest control. Sometimes, it takes more than a step just by us. It's a collective effort like in the case of mosquitoes. The society will need to take a step to ensure garbage cans aren't lying unattended for days together. If nothing still changes, outdoor pest control is a must. While gardens are good for health and beautify our surroundings, many insects take shelter here. Mosquitoes love tall grasses like ants and termites also take refuge in our gardens. That's why outdoor pest control in gardens is necessary. You can do this yourself or call the experts, like HiCare. HiCare is India's top pest control and home hygiene brand and a simple call to 8828333888 can get you on your way to effective outdoor pest control. Regardless of which pest, we have a solution to each problem. You can even log on to www.hicare.in for more information on our various pest control packages.