Top 8 Reasons Behind Dengue and Tips to Get Rid of Dengue Mosquito

It all begins with a bite! Well, we all know that Dengue is an epidemic that needs undivided attention at all costs. Every year Dengue fever affects millions of people worldwide and so yet again it has made a comeback with the season. Monsoon is right here and what it brings along with all the beautiful showers and weather is breeding time for mosquitoes that spread dengue. Yes, and trust us, Dengue is no joke! Don't ignore the bone-breaking illness it causes. There are ways on how to get rid of dengue mosquitoes.

Dengue is an epidemic that requires your undivided attention. A small negligence can cost you a health decline. So, make sure you take all the steps to fight the evolution of dengue mosquito in your surroundings & home by consulting with your professional mosquito control experts to fight the them.

What is Dengue?

A bite of Aedes Aegypti mosquito transmits infectious disease, Dengue. These mosquitoes are said to attack during daytime and breed in clean and freshwater. Being the most active in warmer climates, they usually look for water-filled containers in homes to lay these eggs.

Well, they have their preferred tastes too; hence they love to bite you below the elbow or the knee. Female mosquitoes only bite humans for the purpose of breeding their eggs and mosquitoes will never suck on your blood! Hence it is important to get rid of dengue mosquitoes. Nobody is immune to the Dengue virus. Therefore, we all should ensure that we show our responsibility towards this issue by maintaining proper hygiene in our surroundings. You very well know the saying,Prevention is better than cure.

Don't panic! Just know the reasons, signs of dengue, find ways to get rid of dengue mosquitoes, learn easy steps for dengue treatment at home and make your home dengue-free.

The top 8 reasons behind dengue mosquito

  • 1.Lack of sanitation
  • 2.Unplanned and uncontrolled urbanization
  • 3.Population growth
  • 4.Water contamination and stagnant water
  • 5.Climate Change
  • 6.Collection of trash at home
  • 7.Damp areas in the house
  • 8. Infected dengue mosquitoes-usually the Aedes Aegypti spreads dengue. An infected human is bitten by a mosquito, the infected dengue mosquito bites another human and the cycle continues. So be alert to look out for signs of dengue mosquitoes.

About Dengue Mosquito Fever And Symptoms and Signs Of Dengue Fever

  • Dengue fever is caused dengue virus that is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito or dengue mosquito bite.
  • It is estimated that there are over 100 million cases of dengue worldwide each year due to lack of treatment for dengue mosquito bite and lack of awareness of simple dengue prevention tips.
  • There is no vaccine for dengue fever treatment or dengue fever prevention and in most cases, the signs of dengue symptoms go unnoticed till serious so know how to do dengue treatment at home and easy dengue prevention tips to recover faster.
  • There are simple steps to follow for dengue treatment at home so look out for symptoms and signs of dengue mosquito bite quickly.
  • Symptoms of dengue fever usually start with high fever, severe headache, severe pain behind the eyes, joint pain, muscle and bone pain, dengue rashes and mild bleeding(e.g., nose or gums bleed, easy bruising).
  • A more severe form of dengue fever is Dengue hemorrhagic fever that may be fatal if it goes unnoticed or if dengue treatment at home is not done in time
Ensuring complete methods to stop dengue mosquito bite and the breeding of dengue mosquito indoor and in your society is the best form of dengue fever prevention.

How to get rid of Dengue Mosquitoes

Don't give dengue a chance! Limit dengue mosquitoes chances to breed by limiting spaces available to them.

Here is how you could make your house a dengue-free zone!

  • 1. Never allow water to stagnate in your house, impure water is an evil. This is the place where mosquitoes breed.
  • 2. Keep the doors & windows shut as soon as the sun sets. Use thick screens for ventilation if you wish to.
  • 3. Insects & mosquitoes cannot survive without water. So make sure the kitchen, bathroom and all other rooms in your house remain dry.
  • 4. Spring clean regularly and de-clutter your house.
  • 5. You can place a tulsi plant or leaves of neem tree to stop mosquitoes from entering your house.
  • 6. Cover the trash bin and try keeping it away from your house.
  • 7. Make sure your family uses natural repellent or sleeps under the protection of mosquito nets to keep them at bay.
  • 8. Electrical appliances like cooler & refrigerators mostly hold stagnant water, so it is very important to clean them regularly.
  • 9. Line your window with net or screens.
  • 10. It's also advisable to sleep within a canopy that covers the entire circumference of the bed.
  • 11. Grow plants near the house that prevent mosquitoes. Plants like Marigold, lemongrass, garlic are very effective.
  • 12. Do not use plastic containers & canisters in kitchen cabinets.
  • 13. Keep the temperature of your house cool as mosquitoes find it very difficult to survive in cool places.
  • 14. Seek early consultation with your pest control experts to fight the mosquitoes.
Prevention is the best defence against dengue! Follow these steps regularly to get rid of dengue mosquitoes. Keep your home dengue mosquito-free. Stop Dengue, before it stops YOU! Win your #WarAgainstDengue this monsoon by knowing the reasons behind the same, methods of dengue treatment at home and how you can make your home dengue-free. We have the best Pest control services in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, helping people prevent dengue.

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