Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Pantry

The Winter Season is here and with it comes along countless festivals and get-togethers. This time of the year sees a wide range of activities in and around the kitchen. Be it either preparing food for guests visiting or simply preparing sweets, cookies, and baking cakes. It becomes absolutely necessary to make the kitchen as well as pantry pest-free and clean. Your pantry is undeniably the center of the kitchen where all the spices, as well as flavors, are stored. But what we usually tend to overlook is that it could be a breeding zone for a whole lot of pests. Hence it becomes necessary to keep pests out of the pantry. The pest problem substantially increases during winters as they are in the pursuit of food and comfort in your house. Both these supplies are found in abundance in your pantry. Cockroaches in the kitchen especially is a common sight in winters due to the cold and dry weather outside. It is not ideal for their survival. In an attempt to make sure you prevent any type of pest infestations in the pantry, Hicare has compiled a few tips to get you going this winter season.

Keep Pests out of your Pantry

  1. Keep the pantry clean and dry as well clutter-free. It can only be managed by wiping the stains or food crumbs right away.
  2. Make sure that the food is stored in airtight canisters and spill free jars because rodents can easily chew through the plastic as well as paper. Airtight containers will keep the cockroaches and ants away.
  3. Fix any type of crevices or cracks in the kitchen cabinet to prevent entry to the kitchen pests.
  4. Inspect your pantry for unused and expired food items regularly and throw away anything out-of-date immediately.
  5. A few dried bays leaves in the containers of rice, wheat, and cereals as well as dry fruits, sugar, and other grains will keep the kitchen bugs Make sure to change the leaves once they lose their pungent smell.
  6. Another easy home trick is mixing vinegar with water and an essential oil like lemon or peppermint. Use this mixture to wipe around the edges of your cabinet as well as containers once in a while. Lemon oil/juice usually help in killing the scent trails that ants follow and will keep the ants away.
  7. Leftover Orange and Lemon peels should be kept in the corner of your kitchen cabinets and drawers to avoid pests like moths and flies and other bugs in the kitchen.
  8. There are Cockroach sprays and insect chalks that keeps cockroaches as well as ants in kitchen cabinets away. While they are easily available in the market, they are a temporary solution and require repeated usage.

The tips stated will definitely help you keep pests out of your pantry but if you still run into any of the cockroaches or rodents, its best to eradicate them totally from their source.

Kitchen Pest Control

A professional kitchen pest control activity is a permanent solution. Although there are pesticides available on the market to get rid of ants and other pests in the kitchen, they could be unsafe and risky, especially in the kitchen. Hicare uses only chemicals deemed safe by the central insecticides board of India making sure it doesn't pose a threat to your family as well as pets. The highly trained technicians make sure that the pests are eradicated permanently rather than just eliminating surface nuisance. Call us on 8828333888 or check out our services section for a detailed understanding of our kitchen pest control solution.