The Insider’s Guide to Winter Pests

winter pest control guide

Winter is almost here, which means a slew of celebrations, including parties, lavish dinner arrangements, and get-togethers. Many people overlook the fact that winter also brings harmful bugs and insects into our homes! Although summer is the preferred season for most pests, many people are unaware that winter still sees a significant level of insect invasion.

They primarily attempt to infiltrate homes in search of food and comfort. You’re spending the holidays with friends and family. It’s only prudent that you don’t waste too much of your valuable time dealing with unwelcome visitors. They disguise themselves as winter pests while remaining undetectable.

3 Common pests you need to be cautious of during Winter

  1. Rodents
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Bed Bugs

1. Rodents

Rodents are the most common type of winter pests you are prone to encounter in the winters. These smart yet shrewd creatures can bite their way through almost anything to acquire food and water. The rodents spread diseases through their contact with food. Also they are known to spread disease-causing bacteria through their urine and feces. All these factors make it absolutely essential to take precautionary measures before the winter sets in. Here are a few tips to keep the rodents away:

  • Keep your house especially kitchen clean and organized. This gives them a moderately less place to hide. Because they are known to nest in clusters and an untidy place.
  • Store food in a refrigerator but if not an option, make sure they are sealed in metal or stainless steel containers.
  • Look out for any signs of these rodents such as droppings, squeaky sounds or even damaged bitten fruits, sweets or any type of food kept in easily accessible places.
  • If you do suspect their presence, it’s only best to call a winter pest control professional because although your DIY tricks might keep them away, it is only temporary and never foolproof.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are another dangerous winter pests that are common in all households throughout the year and mostly winters due to the hostile atmosphere outside. Commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, they tend to levitate towards food and moisture and especially places where they are difficult to spot like under the sink or inside the food cupboard. They infect food, spreading bacteria which could lead to severe health problems like cholera, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. For your safety, mentioned below are some quick and simple tips to keep the cockroaches away.

  • Always keep the kitchen and bathroom surface floors dry and clean.
  • Make it a point to store dry foods in airtight containers if they can’t be refrigerated. Don’t leave liquids in tins, cans or sinks.
  • Dispose of the garbage frequently and if possible try to segregate dry waste and wet waste.
  • De-clutter old stacks of newspapers, magazines or cartons and all forms of clutter: cockroaches love to colonize these places. They survive eating books and papers.
  • Always pay attention to their signs especially in the dark and if you have a slightest of a clue, call professional pest control guys immediately for inspection.

3. Bed Bugs

Winter Months usually sees a lot of travels, as well as guests and both, are good a reason for the infestation of Bedbugs. World –class hitchhikers, these dangerous bugs are notoriously experts in hiding from humans. They can be found almost anywhere frequented by humans, right from hotels to theatres to planes and trains causing painful nights to travelers and hoteliers alike. It is always essential to be alert of their intrusion especially after returning from a trip. Follow these simple tricks to totally avoid them in your home as well as your travels.

  • Reorganize or reduce the clutter as much as possible like old newspapers or books or even your closets for clothing to eliminate their hiding place as much as possible.
  • Vacuum your beddings, pillows, sofa and all other upholstered furniture in the house.
  • It is always good to be mindful of bed bug signs particularly if you are a constant traveler like knowing how they look like, their stains on beddings as well their bite marks on the body.
  • Don’t overlook your pet’s bedding. Make sure to regularly disinfect the bedding and their clothing.
  • If you do find their presence in your home, call for an experienced pest control immediately because they are skilled enough to locate the bedbugs and their eggs in places that normally we won’t suspect.


Most of the times, if you do find any of the winter bugs in your home it is better to call a certified pest control for the inspection as well as for treatment to ensure long-lasting results. DIY tricks and local pest control methods are temporary solutions and some of the techniques/chemicals used can be dangerous to humans as well. Hicare Pest Control, a professional pest control organization is just a phone call away. Hicare professionals are trained and the chemicals we use are government approved. Call us on 8828333888 or visit HiCare to book our pest control service for a stress-free and more importantly a pest-free winter.

The Insider’s Guide to Winter Pests

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