Searching for Affordable Pest Control in Bangalore? Stop Right Here!

affordable pest control in bangalore

If you are searching for affordable pest control services in Bangalore then you are not alone. Pest infestations can be a common problem in urban areas and it is essential to find a reliable and cost effective solution to keep your home or office pest free.

What do You Look for When Selecting a Pest Control Provider?

  1. Quality?
  2. Reputation?
  3. Affordable prices?
  4. Safe Chemicals?
  5. Brand name?
  6. Government certification?
  7. Licensed pest controller?
  8. Positive reviews?
  9. After-sales services?
  10. Warranties?

What if we told you that there was a way you could avail all of these features from a single brand? Find that hard to believe? Say hello to HiCare. The company has everything when it comes to home hygiene services. They have years of experience and use only government-approved chemicals (Reputed Bayer chemicals). In addition, licensing and certification and of course, mind-blowing rates. Very rarely do you find such competitive rates being offered by a market leader. However, it’s your lucky day to have stumbled upon this article! Yes, apart from all the above-mentioned points, HiCare also specializes in providing reasonable rates. With its presence all over the country, you’re just a click, call or command away from getting affordable pest control in Bangalore. See how:

  1. Click – Visit
  2. Call – Dial 8828333888
  3. Command – Say “Alexa Open HiCare” to your Alexa device

HiCare was established over a decade back and since then, we’ve had over 10 lakh, delighted customers, from across the country. Regardless of whether you need help to get rid of bed bugs in Bangalore or whether you need affordable mosquito control in Bangalore. We’re the ones you should contact. There are a handful of pest control service providers present in Bangalore. In addition, they all provide their own services. So, we’ll help you decide how to select the right company. Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’t we’ve prepared while selecting the right pest control service provider in Bangalore:


  1. Always check the pre and post-service facilities being provided by the pest control company.
  2. Ensure the pest control provider has the required licensing and certification as many companies are unlicensed in India. Do this before signing a contract.
  3. Check and research on the chemicals being used by the company. Make sure they are not hazardous to pets, children or others in your family. HiCare’s services are absolutely safe so you don’t have to worry looking for any herbal pest control.


  1. Never sign a pest control company before understanding all terms and conditions. See all hidden costs related to repeat pest attack.
  2. Don’t select a provider unless they have come and visited your home for a survey and inspection.
  3. Never try DIY pest control. The professionals know best and only they can permanently rid your homes of these pests.

HiCare – Best in the Business

Coming back to HiCare, we provide best-in-class pest control services in Bangalore, with reasonable pricing. Whether it is cockroach control or mosquito control in Bangalore, or even extermination of bed bugs and termites. We’ll have our team at your doorstep in no time. Most pest control providers give you short-term solutions, but HiCare believes in eradicating the issues from the roots. Hence, we provide warranties and after-sales services on all pest control packages. Our top-notch services will bring a smile to your face, and will also leave you wanting to try our other home hygiene services. These include air purification, home cleaning, etc. Shweta from Indiranagar in Bangalore was the latest to recommend our services. She said, “I was frustrated with the number of pest control companies I called over during the monsoons. Every one promised much, but we were still plagued by mosquitoes. Then, I stumbled upon HiCare and since then, we’ve had a mosquito-free house. Thanks, HiCare.” Now, you too can avail our 3-step dengue mosquito control service in Bangalore. These are starting at a price as low as INR 1,395! You can try our other services starting at very low rates. Use the option of getting further discounts by making online payments or use coupon code HOME20 for up to 20% Off. We are India’s only HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) Certified Pest Service Provider and a 100% safe service is guaranteed always.

About HiCare

Established in 2004, HiCare is India’s leading pest control provider for residential and commercial pest control for Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Wood Borers, Termites, Bird Netting and others, including home cleaning services and other home hygiene solutions.

Searching for Affordable Pest Control in Bangalore? Stop Right Here!

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