Quick Sterilization Through Silver Nano or Herbal Disinfection

Microbes are everywhere around you. If you allow them to breed for a longer time, they will cause a wide range of diseases starting from cough to tuberculosis. One of the prominent ways to prevent such conditions is to disinfect. Disinfection has been the most effective method for removing unwanted pests and microbes from various places like residential and educational institutes. Though, the odour of the chemical disinfectants can irritate many people, especially in kids' areas like schools. Thus, the chemical disinfection techniques must be replaced by herbal one to reduce the harmful effects of chemicals on kids. Silver Nano Disinfection is done using 100% natural ingredients that are harmless for living beings, but effective on the microbes. It takes about five minutes to completely eradicate the harmful viruses from the room and less than twenty seconds for killing bacteria. If there are any visible fungi like moulds, they will take five minutes to die after the completion of the silver nano disinfection procedure.

What is Silver Nanotechnology and How is It beneficial?

Thousands of people die around the world every year due to microbes. The diversity of these microbes are the reason behind the spread of different kinds of diseases like malaria, whooping cough, German measles, chickenpox, ringworm, etc. Chemical disinfectants are used to kill or inhibit these microbes as they are cheaper, common, and readily available. Aldehydes, alcohol, iodine, sodium hypochlorite, and quaternary ammonium cation are used to prepare them. Some of these chemical compounds are harmful and corrosive, which poses more threat to the environment they are being used in. By optimizing the physicochemical properties of nano (small) particles, many nanomaterials are used to prepare disinfectants. One of the essential nanoparticles used for this process is of Silver. Approximately since 1000 B.C., silver-based compounds and silver ions were a part of medicines. Especially Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine used silver-based products for healing many ailments. Listed below are the reasons for using the silver nano disinfection method over other procedures -

  • 100% herbal disinfectant made using plants
  • Nanoparticles are more exposed to the microbes on a surface
  • It kills more microbes in a shorter period
  • Silver nano disinfectant attacks the cells of the bacteria and kills it instantly with its high toxicity
  • The microbes die within 10 minutes of exposure to the disinfectant

Chemical Disinfection vs Herbal Disinfection

Let's compare the chemical and herbal disinfection techniques for a better perspective on their efficiencies.

  • Chemical Disinfection:

Bacteria, virus, and fungus brooding in the room are killed effectively using chemicals like alcohols, aldehydes, and oxidizing agents like iodine. The word about these disinfectants is widely spread in the local people of many countries because it can be found in any hardware store or supermarket near the residential spaces. It takes more than a couple of sessions to eradicate or inhibit the microbes using chemical disinfectants.

  • Herbal Disinfection:

The microbes of coronavirus are present in the air, and they can be effectively eliminated by spraying herbal disinfectants that are prepared using plants. As they are 100% natural in nature, they don't pose any threat to kids or adults when they touch the surfaces sprayed with herbal pesticides. With their power, they kill more than 99% of the bacteria, virus and fungi living in the room to make it safer for people working or living in them.The room is safe for accommodation even during the process of Herbal disinfection.  

The Need for Herbal Disinfection in Schools

Educational institutions like schools and colleges see hundreds of children and adults on campus. If one person catches any infectious disease, it will spread through the air and get everyone on the campus infected. Kids are more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria than adults. Quick sterilization through Silver Nano not only helps in disinfecting the place, but also helps school children in boosting their immunity. Due to the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, disinfection has become a part of the daily routine for educational and commercial places. When it is mandatory to disinfect, you must think about the safer options in the market viz. herbal disinfectants that cause no harm to the people on the campus. The process takes less than 5 minutes to work, and it gives you more time to focus on the daily learning process.

How to carry out herbal disinfection in schools using silver nano?

Herbal disinfection is carried out through machines containing silver nanoparticles. Hicare takes the following precautions before beginning the spraying process in schools.

  • The experts wear protective gears before spraying the disinfectant. These gears include goggles, masks, bodysuit cover, and gloves.
  • They prepare the machines containing herbal disinfectant to spray on the surfaces.
  • As the disinfectant is harmless in nature, it is acceptable to carry out this procedure in the presence of people in the room.

There is no need for additional cleaning before and after spraying the disinfectant in the schools. This is because, in addition to its role as a disinfectant, silver nanoparticles also act as a cleaning agent. It does no harm to the surfaces it is sprayed on. Thus, using herbal pesticides on the desks and benches in school is completely safe. After taking the required precautions, Hicare professionals carry out disinfection by spraying it on surfaces and air of the room. Silver nanoparticles in this disinfectant penetrate into the surfaces and attack the cells of the microbes, directly killing them. It is completely safe to carry out the procedure of herbal disinfection on your own. But, the experts at Hicare leave no stone unturned in using their expertise to kill the microbes in every corner of the school. When it comes to the safety of your kids, it is important to appoint a professional that would know the skills required to perform the job in a better way. Hicare does that for you!