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Before we get into the crux of the matter, we would want to give you a bit of context and hence, here are a few facts we gathered about the number of germs in a regular office setting:-

  1. An average computer keyboard harbours 7,500 bacteria.
  2. A lot of people prefer to eat at their desks. Food crumbs encourage the growth of bacteria.
  3. About 80% of employees do not clean their desks regularly.

These statistics talk so much about how a commercial space could easily turn into an infection spreading environment owing to the multiple interactions of people and unkempt hygiene responsibility.

We then tried to understand how having a cleaner office space post good commercial cleaning services could change something for any business possibly making it better. Take a look at these facts we gathered about cleanliness at a workplace:-

  1. 97% of people value cleanliness.
  2. 96% of people choose to go to the cleaner business where things are organized and well-kept.
  3. 90% of workers feel more productive in a cleaner space.
  4. 40% of employees believe better office hygiene increases job satisfaction.

All of the above statistics prove how office cleaning services are an imperative part of any business and must not be neglected. To sum it all up, here are the four main reasons why every business must keep their hygiene in place.

  • First Impressions Count:-

A clean work environment makes it appealing and pleasant for clients to enter your space. A well-decorated place with clean floors and organized items is in itself an invitation to those who are even slightly interested in your brand. It creates a positive first impression for the business that lasts forever. As it is said - The first impression is the last impression! So, each brand should undertake some commercial cleaning service.

  • Elevate your Brand:-

A potential customer will be evaluating your brand based on your location and how your space looks and feels. A dirtier space will set a negative overall vibe and repel the customers. Imagine your brand stating that you are organized and detail-oriented and your office space negating your claims! The thought of this ever happening in itself is devastating. Isn’t it? Rely on an office cleaning service so this nightmare doesn't turn into a reality.

  • Happier Employees:-

By having a well-kept and clean work environment, you increase the productivity of your employees. It also sets a positive mood, reduces chances of infections and ultimately, lessens the number of sick leaves for employees thereby, accelerating your business’ progress. This proves a commercial cleaning service could do wonders for your business.

Now that you understand all this. You might be wondering why to rely on a professional cleaning service provider to maintain hygiene at the workplace?

Well, the answer to this is simple, it's not just about the time you would be wasting when conducting the cleaning procedure but also about the level and understanding that an in-depth cleaning requires.

Professionals at HiCare have served over three hundred clients in their experience of almost three decades. They know and understand your hygiene needs best and use eco-friendly chemicals keeping the health and safety of your employees at priority.

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