Places birds infest when they check into hotel premises

Who wouldn’t like to check into a nice cosy hotel? Turns out, we humans are not the only ones to do so.

Who wouldn’t like to check into a nice cosy hotel? Turns out, we humans are not the only ones to do so. Birds love it too. So much that they visit hotels more than we do. Some of them are even full-time residents. But what is it exactly that makes hotels a go-to place for birds?  

A great view to bask in Hotels are often tall buildings that offer a great view that helps birds to survey the entire area for food.  

Luxury residences A lot of thought goes into designing a hotel. Though hotels are designed keeping us in mind, they also offer protection and security for birds to build their nest.  

Complimentary food Where there are people, there is food. An opportunity for birds to put food on their plate without having to work 60 hours a week.  

Many birds. Many problems. So birds taking over hotels is not the only issue the industry is facing. There’s property damage, 24 x 7 noise, unsightly droppings everywhere, complaints from customers, safety issues, and health concerns. These may sound like smaller issues, but when they start to take over the business, they become big. The cost to implement an integrated program to manage problems caused by birds is still lower than the cost you have to bear.  

Here’s a list of 7 common places birds take over:   On top of the rooftops:

When it comes to birds, a rooftop is more than a rooftop. It’s a meeting area. A place to roost. A vantage point to scout for food. If you think of it from a bird’s perspective, it’s a good thing. But not so from a business perspective. Think of nests, feathers, droppings. Think of these droppings clogging drains. Think of this leading to pooling water. Think of it as leaks.  

Parking issues

Birds love parking premises as much as we hate them. To think of it, it’s never that crowded. There’s ample space to build nests. And even if these don’t sound like a problem, imagine droppings on guest vehicles.  And unfortunately, these droppings affect our health as much as it does the property.  

Signages, boards, and lighting fixtures

The signage not only attracts customers but birds too. In fact, for birds, it’s not just signage made of letters, it’s their favourite hangout spot. Sometimes they even build their nests between the letters. And these letters are not even properly visible to our eyes.  

Flutters in the shutters

Sparrows are cute little creatures. But they can be a menace when it comes to shutters. The space between shutters and walls is enough for a sparrow to fit in. Firstly they are not claustrophobic. Secondly, it offers them a safe space to build their nest.  

A night at  the poolside

Everyone loves to spend the night by the poolside. So do the birds. And the tall lighting poles don’t help much. They are unreachable, offers a good view and a beautiful platform to drop their poop over our heads.   

Open dining areas

The thing about living species is, we survive on food. Nothing attracts birds like food does. Some will park themselves on high poles, some will wander around and the hungry ones might even steal it from the guests. The droppings and the contamination risk is a different chapter altogether.

Balconies and overhangs

All a bird needs is a small gap. And balconies, awnings, canopies offer plenty of them. Any space that can support nesting, birds will figure out a way to take advantage of it. They are places ideal for shelters, structures, and covers.

Places birds infest when they check into hotel premises

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