Pigeon Prevention And Deterrent Tips

In both American and India, especially in major urban areas, the fearless, pesky, "bully-bird" the pigeon, has grown and multiplied into a disease-speeding menace. People often feed pigeons, thinking that they are docile, friendly pets, while in reality, they are dirty, disease-carrying and property despoiling pets. Pigeons break window-panes while you are away and settle into your home: pigeon-poop is heavy, stinky and difficult to remove. It fouls up balconies with bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

How to get rid of pigeons: pigeon menace control

Getting rid of pigeons is never easy, as these birds and its progeny keeps coming back.

In order to keep pigeons away, here are some tips:

  • Pigeons do not like wind-chimes that move and tinkle; it scares them away.
  • They do not like aluminum foil: you can make little "mobile hangings" near your windows or balconies to keep pigeons away.
  • There are pigeon-repellent gets available commercially.
  • Many bird settings are used to solve the pigeon menace but most of the time people complain saying pigeons pock holes in them too!
  • Mesh screens (of heavy-duty were) on windows keep pigeons away.
  • Some organic, home-made pigeon-repellents will keep pigeons away from balconies and windows.
  • place pomanders (cheesecloth pouches) filled with chilly powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper powder or strong spice mixes along railings or windows sills.


The pigeon nuisance leads to filth in-house and health problems for the family. professional pigeon netting and bird spikes can provide a safe, effective, and hassle-free and permanent solution to the bird control problem. Your pest control specialist will advise you to keep your trash bins tightly covered; do not feed scraps or grain to the pigeons and do not keep bird feeders handy for pigeons as they will just scare little birds like bulbuls or sparrows away! Remember that pigeon dropping is highly acidic and will stain and eat away underlying surfaces. Pigeon droppings also attract various vermin such as mice rats and flies. When you call in a professional pigeon control service; you should ask details about the bird netting: it should be water-proof, long-lasting polyethylene one net, which does not stretch or affect visibility. Break-strength of the bird netting is important: microfilaments are twisted into the twine for extra strength by HICARE. HICARE's "birds netting mounting systems (Bird net fixing) consists of Net bolts (corner fixings) to hold the bird netting faintly gripped in place, scow pins are used for intermediate fixings, all along. Wire rope and barrel strainers (Tensioning products) used are of the highest quality. Hogging stales are used to fix the net to the wire rope. The metal fixings and wire rope are made of stainless steel.


If you a business is getting affected due to the pigeon menace or if your family is suffering constantly from pigeon pathogens or if you stay in a skyscraper (high rise building) where you can't reach that pipes and ledges where pigeons roost, breed and defecate, HICARE's professional speculated pigeon netting (strong and secured) or HICARE's pigeon spikes (Bird Spikes) will give you a permanent, hassle-free, quick solution, thorough inspection of your property is done by highly skilled and certified technicians. HICARE prunes bird netting in different mesh sizes, ranging from 19mm for sparrows to 50mm for pigeons. Free suggestions and designs will help you realize just how good HICARE's pigeon deterrents are, bird spikes from HICARE prevent pigeons from nesting on unreachable outside surfaces of tall buildings. Whatever your pigeon problems may be, or how to serve them are: HICARE provides the solution.