Our Top Selling Gift for 2018 - Deep Cleaning & Pest Control'. 2019 Gifting options.

Another year has come and gone. 2018 was a fantastic year for HiCare. We launched many new products and services and made booking services much easier too. The number of positive feedback messages we have received was overwhelming, which made us know that 2018 was truly a hit.   Now, however, it's time for 2019 and with every new year comes new resolutions, that's why we resolve to hit 2019 with the same vigour and passion that we have over the last few years. This has helped us become the country's leading pest control brand, delighting 10+ Lakh customers all over India.   Another feature that did extremely during the year was Gifting', where we saw our satisfied customers offering our home hygiene services like home cleaning, air purifier and even pest control to friends and family on numerous occasions. 2018 was packed with various festive occasions and customers gave a new twist to gifting by giving our services as the newest gifting idea.   One thing we realized through the year is that thousand of HiCare customers replaced traditional gifting ideas with HiCare services. No longer do you need to gift someone chocolates, sweets, gift vouchers, kitchen appliances, and the likes.

The newest occasion gifting from HiCare included:

  • Mother's Day Gifting home deep cleaning with pest control to mothers, who work tirelessly to ensure a clean house throughout the year.
  • Rakshabandhan Gifting an annual pest control service + home cleaning to your sister(s).
  • Diwali Gifting home cleaning + car cleaning packages to friends/family prior to this festival.
  • Valentine's Day  Who said this day's only for the spouses only. Go ahead plan a day away together, while you gift a complete home deep cleaning package.

People run in the auspicious days like Ganesh Chathruti and Diwali with our Deep Cleaning Service that turned out to be the bestselling gift for the year 2018. Gone are the days you need to toil hard at home in the days preceding this festival. Just call 8828333888 or visit www.hicare.in to book a home cleaning service. Or in this case, to gift one.   Another major festival in India is Holi, where traditional gifting ideas include colours, festival apparels, sweets, dry fruits and the likes. However, we know how messy bathrooms get after everyone's done washing out their colours. This Holi, try gifting your loved ones a thorough bathroom cleaning service. We're sure they'll love it!   HiCare has done well over the years to become India's top pest control and home hygiene brand. While getting rid of pests has been our main USP, a thorough cleaning is something we excel in too. A neat and clean home doesn't give many pests the opportunity for dwelling and breeding.   However, it's not without your support that we had a brilliant 2018. HiCare would like to extend a warm 'Thank You' to our entire family of happy customers. As a note of gratitude, we promise to continue providing you with the best services in 2019.  

Happy customers - Testimonials that made our day

"Every year, home cleaning becomes a task before Diwali, but this year, I stumbled upon HiCare and my life will never be so tedious again. Carpets, mattresses, bathrooms and kitchen were all sparkling clean before a single guest came home. Thanks HiCare." - Priyank, Bangalore.  

"Being an old customer, I trusted these services and gifted my mother a home cleaning package for Mother's Day. She got the chance to put her legs up and relax, and still get a spic and span home. Also, she loved me more for it. Haha." - Shweta, Indore

"I'm happy with the HiCare service as the chemicals used were very effective. I was facing a roach problem and now, I saw a drastic change in the situation and finally got rid of the cockroaches in my kitchen." - Divya Singh, Mumbai  

Top sellers in 2018.

These gift ideas will still be available in 2019. And probably much more! Here's a look at our top Home Cleaning packages that did well in 2018:  

  1. Deep Cleaning - Single service begins at INR 3,239!
  2. Pest Control - Single service begins at INR 1,1710!
  3. Express Cleaning - Single service begins at INR 2,699!
  4. Intensive Cleaning - Single service begins at INR 4,499!
  5. Combo (Deep Cleaning + Sofa) - Single service begins at INR 4,319!

So, if you weren't one of those who availed of HiCare's gifting options in 2018, be one in 2019. Want to gift your mother a sparkling clean home on 12th May 2019 so that she can relax this Mother's Day? Do you want those stained carpets and curtains cleaned for your sister as a Rakshabandhan gift?   Luckily, HiCare has it all and we offer these services and gift packages at very affordable prices. Currently, a 10% offer price is running on all the above-mentioned services or use HiCare coupon code HOME20 for upto 20% Off, while EMI options are also available.   Remember, our gifting options aren't limited to home cleaning. HiCare has a wide range of pest control plans, while also specializing in home hygiene products like air purifiers, bird netting and more.   Once again, we thank you for making 2018 a massive success, one of the biggest being our launch of Alexa skills. We hope for 2019 to be an equally successful year. Until then, remember to always keep your homes hygienic. A healthy home is a happy home!