Ouch! Bed Bugs bit me in Bangalore. What do I do?

What are bed bugs?

Firstly, let's cover some characteristics of bed bugs in this blog. These are parasitic creatures that are extremely small in size and live on the blood of human beings. They are big enough to be barely visible to the human eyes and can grow up to 5mm in size. Where do they live? As the name suggests, bed bugs usually take shelter in your bedrooms or anywhere else inhabited by humans.

How do you know you have bed bugs?

You usually will never know you have bed bugs because of the small size of these parasites. Look at the title of this blog. "OUCH!" Until you get bitten, you usually don't know. Bed bug bites are usually characterized by small, red and itchy rashes of patches on your body, usually acquired when you sleep.

Bed bugs in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of India's most advanced cities, but the Electronic City of India is not free from bed bugs. And if you are one of them suffering from this problem, best pest control services in Bangalore for bed bugs can be availed from HiCare. We are India's most respected and reputed pest control firm, having a foot in all major cities across the country. You know you have a serious problem when you have bed bugs and HiCare knows how to rid your home from this severe issue. Bed bug treatment Bangalore is pretty much similar to the treatment in any other city, which would require expertise from the pest control professional. HiCare is one of India's only licensed pest control service, which uses high-quality Bayer chemicals only, applied by some of the best trained engineers from around the country.

How to get rid of bed bugs in Bangalore

Now if you may not know already, bed bugs are common in hotel rooms, but they can enter your homes through new or re-introduced furniture, beds, mattresses, suitcases, travelling in flights, taxi's or even a trip to the hospital or a movie theatre!. You won't know instantly as bed bugs can stay dormant for up to 12 months. They attack when you are asleep and then go back into hiding into crevices and niches in the bed or close by furniture. Now getting rid of these parasites is something you must tackle urgently. Leading the charts for best pest control services in Bangalore for bed bugs is HiCare. This is the top home hygiene company in India that particularly specializes in bed bug control. InspectionService + follow-ups = getting rid of these menacing creatures FOREVER.

Bed bugs treatment cost in Bangalore

Here's another top feature of HiCare. Whether Bangalore or any other city, our prices are unmatched. Nowhere else will you find the best quality at such reasonable rates. Bed bug pest control services in Bangalore begin at just INR 3,690. This will get you two bed bug treatments over the course of 45 days. Similarly, four services over the course of 3 months can be availed at just INR 7,290! Call 8828333888 or book an appointment on www.hicare.in and our technicians will be at your doorstep for a thorough inspection of your problem. Then begins "MISSION: Kill Bed Bugs in Bangalore". Once hired, we apply a mild odour spray for treatment against bed bugs. This is followed by Round 2 in 15 days for the newly hatched bugs, as their eggs cannot be killed. Depending on the service selected, you are covered with a warranty in case you face an issue during contract duration. This comes with the chance of availing a 20% discount using "HICARE20" coupon code while making online payments. How's that for added value? So, don't waste time, choose HiCare - the undoubted best pest control services in Bangalore for bed bugs.


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