Learn how to keep your furniture safe from termites!

In today's day and age, we don't usually have too much time free from work. Tending to a home is a full-time job and it's difficult to watch every details of our homes. Similarly, we might miss out on the fact that our home has attracted termites. They come home not due to our own faults, but sometimes it's too late before we know. What happens then is that we find out when we see our furniture being affected. By then, it's too late and the damage is done. We're already going to have to spend thousands of rupees in repairing. And damage control. We though that since we have a few experts with us, it might be helpful to let you know how to keep your furniture safe from termites. But first, it's always best to know the causes of termites, so that we can avoid them first.

Causes of termites

1) Moisture

This is your biggest enemy as when there's moisture, there's almost always termites. Rainy season will always bring moisture, including leaky pipes, bad drainage, and a poor airflow.

2) Wood in contact with the home

Before you know how to keep your furniture safe from termites, first keep the wood from outside away. Mulch and other cellulose material used in gardens attract moisture especially during the rainy season. Overgrown shrubs and firewood kept too close to the home also attracts termites, straight in our humble abodes.

3) Building foundations

This isn't our fault but cracks in the building exterior and foundation usually tends to invite termites home. This includes entry from doors, windows, and every other opening possible.

How to keep your furniture safe from termites?

Keep moisture away

We're sure you didn't need to be told that. Moisture is the biggest enemy when you have termites, so firstly, don't use wet cloth or water to clean wooden furniture. Dry dusting and wiping with a microfiber cloth will do the job very well. Resolve any sort of leaking or seepage issues and hot.

Sun bathing

Of course, this becomes difficult during the rainy season. However, there's nothing better for furniture than the sunny sun. Keep your windows open on a sunny day and let the wooden furniture soak in as much as they possibly can.

Aloe Vera 

As you may already know, aloe vera has thousands of medicinal properties for human beings. However, it's good for your wooden furniture too. Aloe vera gel needs to be applied on your wooden furniture. It creates a barrier that termites will never be able to cross.

Olive oil/vinegar

Apart from cooking, olive oil has had plenty of other DIY uses since decades. One of them is keeping termites away from your furniture. Create a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar and apply the result on your furniture. This will also do well in keeping termites away.

Wood polish 

A polish or a varnishing is the best way to safeguard the health of your furniture. If you can't do this on your own, hire a carpenter who can complete the wood polishing in a day or two. This will improve the visual appeal of your furniture, while also keeping termites away.

Professional help 

Companies like HiCare specialize in taking care of termites and saving your furniture. We use the 'Drill-Fill-Seal' technique which rids termites from your home. Also, we save your wooden furniture from other damage. Our services can be availed by a simple call to 8828333888, so don't waste any further time. Save your furniture right away!