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A few simple and easy tips & tricks that can help you to keep your home protected from Bed Bugs. Just call 8828333888 or book Bed Bug Pest Control at HiCare.

We, as Indians, may feel delighted and excited when it comes to welcoming guests. However, we get equally annoyed when some unwanted guests visit our home and plan to stay with us for as long as they can. Well, we can’t ban some of them. But, some are so dreaded that even the mention of them gives us a bad case of the heebie-jeebies. Yes, I am talking about bed bugs! If even the mention of their name has sent a cold chill running down your spine, we believe that they are not allowed to visit your place as well. Booking bed bug pest control online is no longer a difficult task with HiCare but before that let’s see what these tiny blood-sucking beasts actually are.

There could be endless possibilities that these crawlies find a way to get into your home and hide until they have multiplied into huge numbers. During the initial days, they might not bother you, but, if left to breed, they can cause substantial damage to you and your family. The longer these hitchhikers stay in your home, the more difficult it will be to get rid of them.

With this comprehensive guide, we will go over how you can protect your home from bed bugs and the main reason why they occur. It also includes a checklist, which can help you to identify if bed bugs have infested your home.

What are bed bugs?

To start with this, first, understand what bed bugs are and how they occur. Bed bugs are also known as wall lice, red coats and mahogany flats. These notoriously irritating insects are flat, oval-shaped insects that go from brown to reddish-brown after a blood meal. They are so small in size that if you can fit your debit/credit card in a crack, there’s room for a bed bug. An average adult bed bug is 5mm long. Bed bugs do not have wings.

Their eggs are whitish cream that looks like grains of rice and get darker as they hatch. And, a bed bug gives an average of 200-500 eggs over two months in batches of ten to fifty. In case of favorable conditions, the typical lifespan of a bed bug is about 50 days to over a year. Also, did we inform you that they can survive for up to a year without any food?

How does bed bug occur?

Unlike their name, these creatures do not chill in bed all day. They are pro at hanging on people’s stuff until they find warm beds, clothes, or furniture to live in. There are possibilities that bed bugs have come to your home via shared spaces like hotels or public transit.

Bed bugs may occupy the following spaces in your home:

  • mattresses and box springs
  • sheets
  • blankets
  • areas around the bed frame
  • headboards
  • piles of clothes
  • under carpets on outer edges
  • inside light switches/electrical outlets
  • curtain folds
  • drawer joints
  • beneath loose wallpaper
  • chair seams
  • in between timber floorboards
  • around cabinets
  • wardrobes

And, the most common places from where you might have picked these hitchhikers accidentally could be:

  • hotels
  • hostels
  • apartments
  • dorms
  • motels
  • shelters
  • public transport, including buses, trains, taxis, and rideshare vehicles
    Signs of bed bug infestation
  • Unexplained dark or black stains on the mattress
  • An unpleasant, sweet, sickly odor
  • Dark blood spots on bedding, mattresses and sheets

How to protect your home from bed bugs?

Further, we are going to tell you some easy tips and tricks that can help you to keep your home protected from bed bugs.

  1. Try to keep the power outlets covered when they are not in use.
  2. Try to store your belongings in vacuum-sealed bags.
  3. If you are a pet parent, make sure you monitor your pet’s bed in intervals.
  4. Eliminating clutter against walls.
  5. In case you have a lot of stuff that is not in use, donate, recycle or dispose it.
  6. Put the mattress and box springs in zippered casing covers.
  7. Avoid keeping second-hand or furniture that has cracks.
  8. Perform a thorough basic check before letting any goods into your home.
  9. Be alert when you use a shared laundry facility.
  10. Learn the basics of identifying bed bugs before using a hotel/hostel/motel/dorm.

In case you are coming back to your home after traveling and worry about carrying bed bugs home:

  • Before entering your home, look for signs of potential bed bugs, like rust-coloured spots on sheets, bed skirts, or mattress tags.
  • When you stay in a hotel room, take a sharp look at bedding, the bed frame, and furniture for any signs of bedbugs.
  • Keep your luggage and other personal stuff away from the bed.
  • After getting home, keep all clothing in a dryer on high heat for at least 15 minutes.

When to call professional pest control bed bugs?

Getting rid of bed bugs before they are widespread in your home is advised. Avoid using over-the-counter products or the do-it-yourself method as bed bugs are smart enough to survive even pesticide attacks. Instead, hire a professional pest management company, who can understand your needs. Or, directly head to HiCare’s website.

HiCare is a renowned company in the business of pest management and hygiene solutions. Their Bed Bug Pest Control online delivers a two-round service. It also promises to use certified products that are safe for your loved ones. The company has more than 500 experienced technicians, equipped with the best industry-grade gadgets to provide the most convenient service to you.

Before starting the process, the technician will thoroughly study your home and opt for a combination of chemicals, pesticides, and steam or heat treatments to get rid of infestations that have grown out of control. They also manage to do the tedious task of locating all the sources of bedbugs around your home. The best way to say bye-bye to bed bugs is by hiring HiCare Pest Control Bed Bugs. Period!

As recommended, HiCare’s Bed Bug Treatment checks all the boxes for perfect bed bug pest control. If you have spotted any sign of bed bug infestation, without wasting your time, book HiCare’s bed bug treatment! Don’t worry about the costs, they offer multiple plans and help you to pick the most suitable one for you! Just call 8828333888 or book Bed Bug Pest Control online at HiCare.

How To Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs | HiCare

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