How to Get Rid of Pigeons? Safely Get Rid of Pigeons from home

Get rid of Pigeons without harming them

Over the past few years, Pigeons have earned themselves a bad reputation among the human population for their annoying and irksome activities. The pigeons hover the entire sprawl of the city causing a nuisance to the people. These rabble-rousers in a bid to build nests and lay eggs enter our homes to find a comfortable and a safe spot for their prey.

They are usually considered as one of the worst kind of pests because of their nuisance causing abilities and pervasive habits. Apart from the annoying coo sound they produce, they relentlessly dirty the property with their waste and droppings. This is one of the main sources of respiratory as well as gastrointestinal diseases among many urban residents.

Apart from that, their droppings are acidic in nature which can corrode almost any surface including tough metal ones. In such situations, trying to get rid of pigeons can be a tiresome job. But there are certainly easy ways to make sure the pigeons are no longer a menace to you and your surroundings.

One best way to get rid of pigeons from your balcony is blocking them entry to the places where they nest or prefer perching. And the best approach to deny them access is bird netting. The chief advantage of Bird Netting is that they are customizable and can be mounted literally anywhere.

Not only that, they are also the safest way for the pigeons as this technique doesn't harm them in any way. Since no chemicals or physical traps are involved in this approach, your consciousness is also clear of not killing the pigeons or even actually harming them in any way.

Bird Netting Solution requires the least amount of work and yet proves 100% effective and that too in a long run. Always remember pigeons are humble creatures and they are only looking for a place to breed or nest and there is absolutely no reason to kill or harm them while they can be easily avoided by easy bird netting approach.

We at Hicare make sure all your pigeon related worries are taken care of and in a humane yet professional way. Fixing the pigeon netting is a highly complex task as they sometimes are required to be mounted on the rooftops and the ledges of the building in which our professionals are experienced.

We ensure our net installation techniques are up-to-date with the new innovative tools while adhering to your building regulations. The nets used are UV resistant and tenacious against any type of birds. Hicare also does provide 3 years of warranty on all net installations. Just call us on 080-46809272 to get a custom quote for your property or visit our bird control services ( for more info on the same.