How to get rid of cockroaches permanently: Pro Tips

How to get rid of cockroaches?

Just like dogs are man's best friends, cockroaches are his worst enemies. They can cause a whole lot of problems once they enter our homes, while also carrying a vast number of diseases on them. Cockroaches dwell in gutters, drains, pipes and other wet and dirty areas, so you can imagine the level of filth they carry on them. If you have seen a cockroach in your home, there could very well be a whole family of them so you better start learning how to get rid of cockroaches completely. Not prevent or repel them, but absolutely destroy their presence in your homes. The first step in this process of cockroach eradication is choosing whether you want to do DIY or you want to select the services of a pest control professional. DIY could be handy in the initial stages but once the level of infestation is out of control, pest control becomes your only option.

Here are some of our pro tips to get rid of cockroaches:

1) Use adhesive roach baits:

This is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of roaches in your homes. Place these baits in strategic places in your homes like in cabinets, shelves, behind appliances, etc. This may kill a few but it doesn't help the whole issue as the entire family stays unaffected.

2) Using boric acid powder:

If you've searched for 'How to get rid of cockroaches permanently', boric acid is one common solution you would've found everywhere. Too much could be ineffective so apply a very thin layer of the powder using a bulb duster. Apply it at places where the cockroaches travel the most in your home.

3) Keep the house clean:

Now, this is more of a preventive measure rather than something you should do after already getting an infestation. Cockroaches are scavengers and they enter your homes in search of food, so leaving food crumbs lying around is a criminal offence in such matters. Also, leaving garbage bags overflowing and unattended is another cause of cockroaches.

4) Attack their food source:

Why not leave your garbage bag open one night? Let cockroaches enter and have their feed, but all this after you've already sprayed some boric acid within the garbage bag.

5) Fix all leaky taps and faucets:

As we mentioned above, cockroaches reside in wet drains, gutters, etc. If you have a broken or leaky faucet, get it fixed as this will attract cockroaches at home.

Getting pest control help

Above, you've got basic knowledge on how to kill cockroaches effectively. However, cockroaches are persistent and stubborn creatures who won't just leave your homes very easily. They can create a major nuisance as you usually see just a small percentage of how many of them actually exist in your home. Once all DIY methods have been tried and results still aren't being seen, let's call in the exterminators. Pest control maybe a slightly more expensive option to get rid of cockroaches, but it's a small price to pay to restore your home to a healthy one. Try HiCare as we are India's number one pest control brands for many years now. It's now easier than ever to book a cockroach control service on HiCare; all you have to do is dial the hotline 8828333888 or visit our website or even use your virtual assistant by saying, "Alexa, Open HiCare." What follows is a visit by our technicians and when we're done with our service, you can live a stress-free life in a cockroach-free home. Cockroach control services with HiCare begin at prices as low as INR 5,175 which includes three services at intervals of 4 months each for a year!