How to get rid of big flying roaches?

Whenever you see a big red ant or a lizard or a cockroach, you probably yell out in your mind, if not out loud. These are icky insects and a good 90%+ of this world's population are not big fans of such creepy crawlies. Now to add to your fears, some of them fly too! Like as if that cockroach looking at you from 5 meters away wasn't scary enough? You now know it can fly at you in a second too! While they aren't as common as normal ground cockroaches, these flying ones can be a nuisance. We then decided to help you out. Theoretically, here. And if required, scroll down to the bottom and we'll be there in person too! Let's first check out how to get rid of flying cockroaches at home and then you decide how you want to handle the situation.

Normal tricks that won't work:

  • Spraying Boric acid: While it's a good killer of cockroaches, what's the point of sprinkling this powder on the floors when your target here is a flying cockroach?
  • Gel and adhesive baits: Again, these are super effective for ground cockroaches, as they get stuck within the baits and struggle to get out until they die. Again, what use are they to flying cockroaches?

How to get rid of big flying roaches?

Now, we'll discuss some traditional tricks that will always work. Remember, cockroaches enter our homes in search of food and water. Eliminating all sources of water and not leaving food crumbs lying around is a successful way of ensuring cockroaches doesn't stick around, whether ground roaches or flying ones. If you want to know how to kill flying cockroaches in particular, read below:

  • Kill them with insecticides: Get out that cockroach bug spray, make sure all your doors and windows are locked and spray those cockroaches' brains out. Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes so make sure you don't open up the room so quick. Let them inhale the insecticides, suffocate and eventually die.
  • Alternately, drive them out: Do the same drill but this time, keep one gap or window open. Now, these cockroaches will flee and save their lives. You can do this if you rather shoo them away than kill them.
  • Boric acid around light sources: After spraying this, keep the lights off and in the middle of the night, turn on the light source. If you have an infestation, cockroaches will fly towards the light source at once. However, their ability to fly back away doesn't make this the most effective method.

More tips and tricks:

  • Splash water on them: Even though this sounds weird, it works. Cockroaches breathe through holes in their bodies and not through nostrils. Splashing water is like a mini-tsunami for them and this water getting into holes will choke them. While this may not kill them, it slows them down for sure.
  • Flex your muscles: This literally means get up there, pick up a slipper or newspaper or something else and swat them with your hands. They are resilient so a little bit of force may be needed.
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