How to Detect Wood Borer Infestation at a Premise?

7 Early Signs of Wood Borer Infestation at Home Premise

Nature is a home not just for human beings, but for different kinds of plants and organisms too such as pests. Pests are further classified into different types like cockroaches, rodents, termites, and wood borers. While it may be easy to detect other pests, it is often hard to detect wood borers that infest themselves deep inside wooden pieces.

So, how to detect the presence of wood borers at your premise? Are there any signs that help in the early identification and eradication of wood borers from your property?

In this post, we aim to acquaint you with not just how to detect wood borer infestation at a premise, but also with the most effective wood borer treatment along with the wood borer treatment cost.

What are Wood Borers?

As suggested by the name, wood borers are wood-boring pests. These insects love to feast on wood and moisture. So, if they get a combination of both in moist wood, they love to stay there and build a nest. Although tiny in size, wood borers can damage the biggest of wooden structures and furniture by hollowing it deep within.

Where are Wood Borers Detected?

Now comes another big question that is where can one detect wood borers? What is their favorite hideout at a premise? Wood borers are generally found at the following places:

  • Moist wood
  • Decaying wood
  • Old and damp furniture
  • Harbors
  • Docks
  • Boats in coastal areas

Are Wood Borers Harmful?

Unlike other pests, wood borers may not pose any health hazards to human beings. However, their infestation at a premise may soon damage the wooden structures. Once infested, wood borers are hard to detect and eradicate. It is because they build their colonies deep inside the wood through tunnels.

Early Signs of Wood Borer Infestation

So, now coming back to our main point of discussion about the early signs of wood borer infestation. Remember, early detection makes ways for effective eradication. Here are the common signs of a wood borer infestation at a premise:

  1. Living Larvae
    If you notice creamy or white color larvae coming out of your wooden works or furniture, then consider it a wood borer infestation. This stuff is nothing but the living larvae of these pests slowly emerging out as an adult wood borer. 
  2. Cracks filled with Eggs
    Check your furniture for cracks and peep inside the cracks using a torch. If you find these cracks filled with eggs, what does that mean? It means your furniture is now home to wood borers. 
  3. Hollow or Weak Floorboards
    You can also detect wood borer infestation by knocking at your floorboards or other wooden works. If you hear a hollow sound, then consider it a clear sign of a wood borer infestation. 
  4. Holes in Furniture
    Another vivid sign of a wood borer infestation in your furniture is when you see tiny holes. These are the exit holes dug up by the wood borers to come out of their hideouts from your furniture. These holes are usually either oval-shaped or round with sharp edges. 
  5. Tunnels in Wooden Works
    Not just holes, if you see tunnels in wooden works, take it as a strong clue of a wood borer infestation. These wood-loving pests reside deep inside the wooden works and to reach that place they dig up the tunnels. 
  6. Wood Dust or Powder Around Your Furniture
    Larvae emerging out as adult wood borers often leave behind wooden dust or powder. Therefore, when you see wooden powder or dust around your furniture consider it to be a clear sign that you need an effective wood borer treatment in India.
  7. Dead Wood Borers
    A common clue that hints at a wood borer infestation at a premise is when you see some dead borers around the furniture. These tiny pests have a short life span and usually die around the wood they have infested. 

Treatment for Wood Borer in Furniture

If you detect wood borers in your furniture through the above-mentioned signs of detection, your next step should be to consider treatment for complete eradication. This approach will serve the twin purpose of removing the wood borers and saving the wooden structures from further damage. 

An experienced pest control company will offer an effective wood borer treatment. The three main steps of a good wood borer treatment include inspection of the wooden structure to detect the infestation. Injection of preservative chemicals in the holes using a syringe. Spraying chemicals to the infected area provides a shield against these wood-feasting pests. 

Wood Borer Treatment Cost

Talking about the cost of a wood borer treatment, some factors account for the cost of such a pest control service. It depends on the level of infestation and the area to be treated. In any case, the cost of a wood borer treatment will not be more expensive than your ruined furniture or wooden works. If you choose a wood borer treatment on time, you can also save money by preventing further damage. 


HiCare, India’s leading pest control company offers smart wood borer pest control treatments at very affordable pricing. So, if you detect the presence of these tiny wood-loving pests at your premise, don’t hesitate to book a wood borer treatment from HiCare. The company offers a triple-action wood borer pest control treatment that involves all the above-mentioned steps of inspecting, injecting, and spraying to eradicate wood borers from the roots.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Borer Infestation

1. What is the best treatment for a wood borer infestation ?

The intensity of the infestation and the kind of wood borer present will determine what will be the most effective therapy. The best treatments typically combine chemical and physical techniques, such as fumigation, insecticide spraying, or heat therapy. However it is advised that you speak with a pest control professional to determine the most appropriate treatment for your specific situation.

2. Can I treat a wood borer infestation myself?

While some DIY remedies for wood borer infestations are available, it is typically advised to speak with a pest control specialist who has the training and expertise to accurately identify the type of infestation and propose an effective treatment. Ineffective results or even more damage to the wooden structure may occur from improper treatment.

3. How long does treatment for a wood borer infestation take?

Depending on the severity of the infestation and the treatment used, the duration of treatment for a wood borer infestation can change. In order to guarantee that the infestation has been completely eliminated, it is crucial to stick to the suggested treatment plan and schedule follow-up inspections.

4. How can I prevent a wood borer infestation?

You can take precautions like keeping your home dry and well-ventilated, sealing any cracks or gaps in wooden structures, and treating wood with insecticide or preservative to avoid a wood borer infestation. Additionally, routine inspections of wooden structures can help in detecting and addressing any early signs of infestation.

5. Can wood borer infestations spread to other areas of my home?

Yes, if a wood borer infestation is not addressed, it may spread to other parts of your house. From one wooden structure to another, larvae may travel, and adult beetles may deposit their eggs in various locations. This is why it's crucial to deal with a wood borer infestation right away.

6. Are there natural remedies for treating a wood borer infestation?

Using essential oils or diatomaceous earth are two examples of natural treatments that might be successful in treating a wood borer infestation, although they might not be as successful as chemical ones. The full eradication of a serious infestation is impossible with natural remedies.

7. Difference between a wood borer infestation and termites?

Termites and wood borers both have the potential to harm wooden parts of a house. The significant distinctions between the two is the appearance of the entry holes and the kind of damage sustained. To accurately determine the type of infestation and suggest a suitable course of action, it is important to speak with a pest control specialist.

How to Detect Wood Borer Infestation at a Premise?

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