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In 2021, when India kickstarted a vaccination drive to curb the spread of a deadly virus, the nation experienced a massive dengue outbreak in the capital. While a large section of the Indian population was prone to a handful of mosquito-borne diseases, many subscribed to Mosquito Pest Control Services. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about professional mosquito control.

Whenever there is a mention of professional mosquito control, many assume that it is a luxury and not a necessity. To be honest, it is just a misconception. With urban areas developing the sewer system, open gutters have contributed to the increment in the mosquito population. Although they might seem only irritating flying creatures to whom you can kill just with a few claps, they can cause deadly diseases and sometimes even death.

With that being said, before discussing the advantages of signing up for Mosquito Pest Control Services, you must know why it is important in the first place. With that being said, this comprehensive write-up will give you a brief overview of the vector-borne diseases, and an estimated number of cases these diseases cause annually.

Interestingly, here are some key facts related to vector-borne diseases across the globe according to the World Health Organization report, published in March 2020:

  • Vector-borne diseases account for more than 17% of all infectious diseases, causing more than 700 000 deaths annually.
  • Malaria, transmitted by Anopheline mosquitoes, causes an estimated 219 million cases globally and results in more than 400,000 deaths every year.
  • More than 3.9 billion people in over 129 countries are at risk of contracting dengue, with an estimated 96 million symptomatic cases and an estimated 40,000 deaths annually.
  • Other viral diseases transmitted by vectors include chikungunya fever, Zika virus fever, yellow fever, West Nile fever, Japanese encephalitis, tick-borne encephalitis.

Talking about the status of vector-borne infections in India, here are the top five diseases caused by mosquito bites:

  1. Dengue
  2. Dengue is caused by one of four closely related yet antigenically distinct viruses (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4) that can infect the same person several times in their life. The most common symptoms of the disease are high fever, severe frontal headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pains, with or without measles-like rash, and nausea and vomiting, which can lead to dengue hemorrhagic shock and multi-organ failure.

  3. Malaria
  4. P. falciparum, P. malariae, P. vivax, and P. ovale are the four species of Plasmodium (P) that cause malaria. The most fatal of these is P falciparum infection, which attacks the brain and is the most likely to result in death.
  5. Japanese Encephalitis
  6. The Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus has a complex life cycle. The virus invades the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. In 2005, Uttar Pradesh survived the biggest outbreak of JE.
  7. Chikungunya
  8. Chikungunya spreads through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The signs of this vector-borne disease are headache, fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, and severe joint pain. Although they are mild in most cases, acute infection can last a couple of weeks. Originally from Africa, chikungunya recurred in India after 32 years in 2006 with a majority of the cases reported in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala.
  9. Lymphatic Filariasis
  10. The vector-borne disease is commonly known as elephantiasis. The disabling infection damages the lymphatic system and causes painful, swollen limbs (lymphoedema or elephantiasis). LF is caused by three thread-like parasitic filarial worms, Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and Brugia timori, all transmitted by mosquitoes; in India, 99.4 percent cases are caused by Wuchereria bancrofti.

As per Med India, more than 40 million people suffer from mosquito diseases annually in the nation.

The above-stated facts make it safe to say that it is not a good idea to share space with mosquitoes. While you can opt for various DIY remedies and over-the-counter products to keep them at bay, keeping the windows and doors closed during peak hours would not be enough. In the case of indoors, the mosquito net is also not going to help you much. That is why pest control services for mosquitoes are a must.

Here comes the tricky part of this battle against these six-legged flying beasts. If you think typing "Mosquito Control Services near me" is sufficient to get your hands on the best one, you should think again. When it comes to mosquito treatment for home, there are several factors one often has to consider.

Here comes the tricky part of this battle against these six-legged flying beasts. If you think typing "Mosquito Control Services near me" is sufficient to get your hands on the best one, you should think again. When it comes to mosquito treatment for home, there are several factors one often has to consider.

So, rather than making the task of skimming through the list of pest control mosquitos tedious, here's how you can save some time to shortlist the best Mosquito Control Treatment for your home.

  • Thoroughly study the Mosquito Control Treatment plan of pest control services for mosquitoes.
  • The biggest concern for anyone opting for mosquito treatment for home is the safety of their family members. Check out the safety policy of the hygiene company.
  • Check out their official website and social media handle for authenticity and reliability.
  • Check out the service details.

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