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The breeding of birds in residential complexes and other buildings can cause financial and health hazards. Thus, Pigeon Netting for balconies is a must. However, the problem is – that homeowners often get confused to pick up the most effective method of keeping birds at bay. Well, to be honest, it is an Anti Bird Netting without any doubt.

The occurrence of confusion is natural as everyone wants a method that serves the purpose while not hurting those flying creatures. The credibility and reliability of the internet-approved Do-It-Yourself remedies and other over-the-counter products always remain in question, professional bird control netting can deliver you some promising results.

With that being said, this comprehensive write-up discusses some essential aspects of bird proof netting and why it is a good option for keeping them away from your balcony. So, before diving deeper into it, let’s understand the importance of anti bird netting.

Why are birds a problem?

Did you know pigeons are often called the rats of the sky? Well, they do acquire a few traits which prove why it is an ideal nickname for them. That’s why if they have found a home in your home or balcony, you must act immediately to get rid of these uninvited guests. Some of them are as follows:

Disease: If online reports and claims are something to go by then pigeon droppings carry diseases, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. These diseases can be dangerous or life-threatening to people with certain health conditions, such as asthma or weakened immune systems.

  • Food contamination: Pigeons and other birds can contaminate food meant for livestock and human consumption.
  • Slip and fall risk: Bird droppings are often slippery, which can make walkways, decks, porches, and other areas dangerous for foot traffic. Furthermore, bird dropping can be problematic for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Damage to buildings: Pigeon feces is acidic and can cause damage to buildings, siding, vegetation, and landscaping.
  • Blocked gutters and drainage: The presence of pigeon nests in gutters or downpipes can cause water blockage, flooding, and other damage.
  • Fire risk: When pigeons build nests that block chimneys or flues, it can lead to a serious buildup of poisonous gases and increased fire risk.

Apart from Sparrow Netting or Pigeon Netting, there are two other ways to keep the birds at bay from your little balcony garden. However, each method has its own set of drawbacks. To explain the same, scroll to get a brief of each:


Scarecrows are a type of deterrent that can function as long as movement is included. Consider including a scarecrow in the shape of a hawk, with old CDs hung from the bird’s body. Pigeons will be scared away as they arrive to roost because of the light and commotion.

Cons: May decrease in effectiveness over time. Plus, they won’t look nice hanging outside your balcony or window!

Pigeon-Proof Feeders

Pest birds such as pigeons may be attracted to bird feeders. Invest in pigeon-proof bird feeders, which include a cage surrounding the feeder that allows small birds to get through but stops pigeons in their tracks. Other feeders are weight-sensitive, and heavier birds and pests, such as pigeons and sparrows, will be ejected.

Cons: Pigeons will not be completely excluded or removed.

Hence, Sparrow Netting or Pigeon Netting is the ideal method to keep pigeons and other nuisance creating birds away. Well, finding the best bird control netting or bird net services is not an easy job. Unless you have a plenty of time to skim through the details of all internet-approved bird net services providers, directly head to HiCare’s official website, and book a service with us.

Why HiCare’s Bird Proof Netting Service?

As a hygiene solution provider, HiCare has earned a reputation among its customers. With 27 years of experience, we have served over a million residential and commercial spaces with our wide range of hygiene solutions; from pest management to deep home/office cleaning. Talking about HiCare bird netting, here are a few key highlights of the service that make us better than other services providers:

  • We use High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) UV Resistant and Highly Durable GARWARE nets to provide value-of-money to our customers.
  • The aesthetically appealing nets are almost invisible. The nets are available in two colors, black and white.
  • Last but not least! HiCare Bird Netting follows a humane approach, that means keeping birds away from your home without hurting them.

How to book a HiCare Bird Netting Service?

As a responsible hygiene solution brand, we keep ourself updated with all the latest trend in the business. Following one such, the entire process of booking a service slot with us is online. However, there are conventional booking methods are also available. Anyone willing to opt of bird net services, especially pigeon netting for balconies, can visit to HiCare’s official website and either book with us online or give a call on the number mentioned on the site.

How Do I Pigeon Proof My Balcony? | HiCare

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